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Tim Carroll

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I obtained my Masters Degree in Political Science a few years ago at the age of 45. I delivered a presentation to the Popular Culture Association entitled "The Cuban Missile Crisis: Representations and Misrepresentations." I did influence a professor so much regarding JFK's complexity that he dedicated a book to me: "What If They Gave A Crisis And Nobody Came." His former book had ignored the Secret Deal to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis, leading to flawed conclusions. I am well-versed in all post WWII history. I'm especially fascinated by the almost evolutionary progression toward a "final solution" by Western militarists through a first strike pre-emption of the Soviet Union. The preparations were complete in 1961 with the launching of the Corona satellite. After that, JFK was scrambling within his own government to avoid his anointed role as instigator of the apocalypse.

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