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Occupy the Grassy Knoll 2013?

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Excerpt from article by Jim Schutze in the Dallas Observer News entitled: "The Sixth Floor's Message to History: Just Hush Now":

"John Judge, an assassination historian in Washington, said to me last week: "A moment of silence that denies talking about his death on that day and certainly not talking about the historical truth behind it and the controversy is no longer a moment of silence. It's a perpetuation of silence."

Judge said it doesn't matter that we can't see exactly who is behind this push. We can see exactly what they want.

"We know the underlying theme. There is going to be a humungous crowd, and they want to catch it and capture the message and control it."

Judge was one of a few I spoke to who are already thinking in terms of what to do. "Maybe we have to do 'Occupy the Grassy Knoll 2013,'" he said.

What a terrific idea. In fact it would be the perfect marriage of physical occupation — the seizing of a place — with concepts of truth and freedom. And what a grand stage it could be, especially with all those cameras hovering.


Judge had what I thought were very creative thoughts. Especially if the city goes really Super-Stalin and rings the place with cops, he thought perhaps it might be fun for counter-protesters to re-enact one of the theories about how the conspirators may have escaped.

"They could reverse the route," he said. "They could go down to the Trinity River bottoms, enter the storm sewer system, crawl uphill to Dealey Plaza and pop up out of the manhole covers."

Oh, wouldn't that be spectacular?

Look, I'm serious about organizing something, but only if anybody else wants to do it. My role would be only to put you together. Some sort of steering committee? Or not. The thing has to grow organically.

Do it without me. Just do it. Meaning them no disrespect, this cause should expand to include more than the community of people interested in JFK. Everybody with a speech issue should be welcome, even though I know that includes the birthers.

Everybody. Come on down. Send me an email at (...) Don't use that little contact dealie on the web page. That may be a placebo. Send me a real email. If you want to anonymize, do so. We'll get it all figured out.

End of Excerpt

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