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Dismantling the Single Bullet Theory Pt 2_b

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The Criteria for the Single Bullet theory (B)

Because of image limitation I am having to break this part up

c) it then damaged the Right Strap muscle


d) it then entered the trachea. Although he does not document how it does so or where, he does state that it exited through the trachea.

So to summarise, the bullet must damage 4 areas within the upper body of President Kennedy. These four areas are the criteria that define what this bullet is allowed to do and must do. If when examining the path this bullet took it can’t be shown to be able to damage any one of the 4 criteria, then by definition something else did and that also means that the SBT is invalid. This is so, because in his testimony and in the Autopsy report Commander Humes laid down the criteria that defined this bullet and its path and what this bullet had to damage.

What is the bullet not allowed to damage?

Answer: everything else.

That includes the bones, the arteries, the blood vessels, any muscle other than the Right strap muscle.

So to summarise, if in a 3D analysis it is clear that the bullet would have to damage one of these in its attempt to get from the back to exiting the trachea then that would invalidate the theory. This is so because in his testimony and the autopsy report Commander Humes stated that these area were undamaged.

This is a view of the skeleton from the angle of the bullets entry. The brown strap is the right strap muscle. The bullet must damage this as well as entering and exiting the trachea. I can’t see how it can do that.

See image below. This is a similar view with the vein structure in place.

Although in the first image there was a line of sight to the trachea, that line of sight is now blocked.

The problem for the SBT is that the bullet cannot damage anything other than the four criteria listed above. Nor is the argument that the bullet hit a bone and was deflected on to is correct course. That is forbidden because Commander Humes stated that no bones were damaged. Other than the four criteria listed nothing else can be damaged. If the bullet damages something else that invalidates the theory.

So what in essence is the problem? It is this. On its journey from the back to the front must must damage the four criteria and it must not damage any other organ in that area.


So looking specifically:-

i) If the bullet is able to find a trajectory to be able to bruise the top of the lung, how can it (from the trajectory) then go on to damage the right strap muscle?


ii) If the bullet able to find a trajectory to be able to bruise the right strap muscle, how can (from that trajectory) then go on to damage the lung?


iii) What trajectory would the bullet have to find to be able to miss all the veins and arteries?

The SBT glosses over all of this. It is only when you look at it in detail that you see the impossibility of the theory. All attention has been on the external trajectories. The internal trajectory has been all but ignored.

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