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I am the Director and a Founder of the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive which manages the work of Kennedy photographer Mark Shaw. I am married to David Shaw, Mark Shaw's son, who I met in 1989 in New York City, where we were both raised. I have a BA from Columbia University and worked in the Fashion and Film industries prior to my founding of the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive, In 1999 David Shaw and I took over management of Mark Shaw's photographic Estate from Mark Shaw's first ex-wife, journalist Geri Trotta.

Since starting the Archive we have published a new version of The John F. Kennedys ( Rizzoli 2000) which was published shortly after the death of John Jr, a former schoolmate of David Shaw's. Now, in 2012, the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive has just finished work on a third photographic retelling of the Kennedy family, to be published in Fall of 2012 by Reel Art Press of London, and entitled The Kennedys. This book will feature many never before seen photographs.

My interest in this forum is to learn more about Mark Shaw: his work as a photographer and his time as a Kennedy confidante. As Mark Shaw died when David Shaw was only 8 years old, it has been difficult to get a clear story around who Mark Shaw was and as the current guardians of Mark Shaw's image, we feel we must learn as much as we can about him and his activities. Mark Shaw is also my children's grandfather so there is a personal interest as well. I look forward to hearing any stories about Mark Shaw and his activities.

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