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Rosalyn Costanzo

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Rosalyn Costanzo, daughter of Sam Pate of KBOX. My father was the man that said," something has happened in the motorcade." I have spent the better half of my life listening to stories about the JFK assassination. Believe or not until about 1990 my father had no idea there was any interest in the event or that it had turned into mountain of controversy it is today.

Since my father passed 2009, I have found myself defending his character, which seems so weird to me. My father never sought out any attention for his efforts that day in 1963. He was simply doing his job. It wasn't until some researchers figured out he was still around that he came to understand his part in history. I want to make sure his name isn't smeared with misconceptions and lies.

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Hi Rosalyn,

I was just going over some of the older posts here, so a belated welcome to you. I suspect we've all heard the recording made by your father countless times over the years. Can you verify that the recording was actually recreated, and not live? If that is true, I've never quite understood why this was done. Would you shed some light on that?

Again, welcome to the forum!

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