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Grave of the brave

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Not unlike another Navy veteran named John Kennedy who also lies in a grave, an allied Canada Navy veteran,

has laid in an isolated forgotten grave at Old PIONEER CEMETERY at San Bernardino,California since 2000.

There lie the remains of my older brother (born in Canada) a US. citizen.

During WWII he returned to Canada, enlisted and served in HMCS Canada allied Navy.

A Canada veterans organization, titled the "LAST OUTPOST" I-866-522-2122 and/or I-800-465-731 ext 222

accepted the sacred cause to place an appropriate marker on the graves of All of their veterans in any part

of the world (being one of their Canada veterans the only requirement).

This had been arranged via letters and phone communications between the Canada LAST POST and I near

four years past.

It suddenly fell into total oblivion, with no further explaining or communication after their confirmation of final


Their Canada Navy veteran, my brother, lies yet in his isolated unmarked grave, denied the Canada LAST POST

recognition he bravely earned. WHY.?


Southern California

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