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"Mrs Kennedy" by Barbara Leaming

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I'm reading a book now which has probably been discussed but I searched and could not find it.

It's called "Mrs. Kennedy." It's supposed to be about Jackie in the Kennedy White House. But what it is about is John Kennedy's presidency. Put aside all his womanizing, and the author says Kennedy was not as noble as his speeches made him out to be. What it boils down to is that Kennedy had no moral compass, according to Leaming. Regarding the Bay of Pigs Kennedy was against sending additional help. It wasn't just he made a mistake, but he thought positive on it as long as he could get away with it. He didn't get away with it. According to Leaming, he did nothing right because he was never shown morality while growing up and his character did not have an ounce of morality.

It's just a sneaky book that considers every step Kennedy took. I learned more about Jackie in "Bobby and Jackie." I'm at the section where he's dealing with Dr. Feelgood and about to go to Vienna for a talk with Kruschev (sp). This book is a shady look at John Kennedy, a continual attack on him. I just wondered if anyone else had read it and what they thought. It's a hatchet job.

Kathy C

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