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In the the year 2000 a new chapter was added to the 1990 manuscript/book YROJ then re-titled CROSSTRAILS.

An observation (page 14) ask the question..."Is it possible that we are mere slavish pawns in this game, unaware,

and living in a fools paradise - exposed to 'certain' deadly reactions - and severe economical reversals that could

bring a regrettable new dark age of sorrows with controlled physical hardships in a total materialistic, and 'spirit

crushed' world?"

( I regretfully found it necessary to quote the disgusting old communist Nikolai Lenin)...but before his 1924 death he said, "Germany

will arm itself out of existence - England/Great Britain will expand herself out of existence - the United States will spend/loan itself

out of existence"... The first two predictions came true...

CROSSTRAILS was printed and distributed 31 August 2001, 12 days later, September 11 2001 the United States

was attacked, terror was followed by severe economic downturn and overburdening debt!

The horror our present and future problems will not/cannot be cured by the elevation to the U.S. Presidency of

Mitt Romney, in his plans to reverse more than fifty years of legislation that would bring a new dark age of sorrows

and drudgery!

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