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Once upon a time...

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it's Story Time

Once upon a time... in the Jungles of Northern India two ascetics were walking along a path towards the City where Buddha was residing for a few days.

Because so many were coming to see him from all around Buddha only had time for one question from each person.

As the City was a mere five more hours away it was becoming more and more important to think of the question ...

They came upon a wide rocky stream, shallow enough to walk across.

By the creek sat a beautiful young woman in fine clothing. When she saw them she was very happy and begged them to carry her across so she wouldn't spoil her fine clothes.

The follower of Buddha agreed and carried her across. The other one was shocked.

As they came close to the City Gate the follower of Buddha broke his silence and asked his fellow traveller if he had formed his question.

Aghast, he, in turn, railed against the other for his unbercoming behaviour in touching a member of the other sex as this was strictly forbidden to serious ascetics and therefore should he really be asking questions?

His companion laughed "Five hours ago I carried her across the river for half a minute. You have been carrying her for five hours."

moral: ?

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