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Presidential Debate Moderator Bob Schieffer

John Navin

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Tonight's presidential debate moderator, Bob Schieffer, once played an interesting side role in the JFK shooting:

When President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas in 1963,
Schieffer was the Star-Telegram’s night police reporter. As he wrote in a guest column for the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank, phone calls that night were pouring into the newsroom.

“Every phone was ringing,” he wrote. “I grabbed one, only to hear a woman caller ask, ‘Is there anyone there who can give me a ride to Dallas?’

“‘Lady,’ I shouted, ‘We’re not running a taxi service, and besides, the president has been shot.’

“‘Yes,’ the voice responded, ‘I just heard it on the radio and they said my son is the one they’ve arrested.’

“It was Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother.”

Read more at http://shortformblog.com/post/34107554405/jfk-shooting-bob-schieffer#U8hLAeOU08800eC2.99

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