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JFK's throat

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Question for the Forum. I just want to get a sense of the group on this- The Zapruder film shows Kennedy reacting and reaching up to his throat. Fletcher Prouty goes into detail on his site about a flechette (small arrow/large dart) that paralyzed JFK so he couldn't dodge the bullets. Some think a CIA device, possibly an umbrella, fired the dart. Others say he was hit with a 22. The official story is "no throat shot - just a tracheotomy from an EXIT WOUND," which is obviously bunk.

What do you all think? Which story does the evidence support? Doesn't the clothing (necktie) show a front shot?


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Hi Shanet,

I may be way off base here but firing a paralyzing dart just seems way too funky. I would think that if a trained sniper gets an opportunity for a shot, he will take it and it will be intended to kill. For the same reasons, why would an assassin use a .22?

Having said that, the throat wound is bizarre. Could it have been a bullet fragment? Is the so-called evidence tainted? How is the shallow back wound explained? Troubling to say the least.

I have also heard it suggested that the LHO double in the sniper's perch fired blanks as his job was to get people looking that way. If you are going to fire blanks, why not fire real bullets?

I guess my point is that assassination teams would be going for the kill which means large caliber and a simplistic plan. Given that and the missed shots, one would have to say that their performance in Dealey Plaza (even though they got the job done) was far less than perfect.


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