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Felipe Vidal

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I know that my name is nearly the same as "Felipe Vidal Santiago" (FVS) mentioned in your JFK forums. That is because I am his nephew. I was doing some research to learn more about him. My parents divorced when I was nine and I have had little meaningful contact with the "Vidal" side of the family. Quite by accident, under a referral to fix a home PC, I came across the last man to see FVS alive outside of the Castro execution squad. My conversation with him engaged a strong interest in learning more about FVS. I came across your site which mentions him as possibly involved in the JFK assassination. I wanted to opportunity to establish a dialogue with the forum to learn more about it, and as I learn more about FVS to share that with them as well.

I am a self-employed small business/home business IT consultant. My website is http://www.felipevidal.com/, though its only a shell right now. I just installed the Etomite content management system and will be publishing some content on SOHO IT issues over the coming weeks.

I do have an interest in K-12 educational issues especially as it relates to changing bureaucratic institutions that make education less effect that it ought to be.

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