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C-SPAN : The Presidency: Assassination of President Kennedy

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Saw this on C-span, not sure if everyone caught it. Sharing here -

Springfield, Missouri

Sunday, November 18, 2012

In the years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, numerous theories have surfaced about who shot the president and why. In this program, authors David Wrone, Gerald McKnight, David Kaiser and Max Holland dispute each others findings about what really happened in Dallas in 1963.

click on the video to play or the video link on either page below :



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I watched this show today. I've seen the name Max Holland around, but didn't know who he is. I think I'm connected to him on Facebook. He's the apologist for the Warren Commission. I think he believes in what he says. I just don't believe it.

I have a photo I wanted to show. From high up, it's a B/W picture of Dealey Plaza. I can now see how someone filmed the motorcade. They were in the Pergola. I didn't think they could get the turn onto Elm, but they did according to some people who've seen the "other" film. I can't produce the picture here. I don't understand the new "My Media" and my picture doesn't have a URL.

Kathy C

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I would love to see that picture as I am sure the other members would too.

To post a picture from your HD on this forum, do the following :

1.Click on the 'More Reply Options' button besides the POST button on the bottom right hand corner of the previous post.

2.On the bottom of the reply text area, there's an ATTACH FILES section. hit browse to access your Hard Drive.

3.Choose the picture and hit the 'ATTACH THIS FILE' button. It's sort of greyed out and looks like plain text, but it's a button.

4.Then you'll see a small version of the picture on the bottom of the text reply field, and then just click ADD REPLY and the picture will post with your reply.

Example :


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