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Steven Riley

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My name is Steven Riley. I live in Dallas, Texas. I grew up in Arlington, Texas. I was 20 miles away from Dealey Plaza when the President was assassinated. His death had an even more profound affect on those of us in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. We had to add shame to the list of emotions we felt. I remember wandering around my fourth grade schoolyard while we waited for news of the President's condition, and when they announced that Governor Connally had been shot too, we all hugged each other and cried, "We're saved! We're saved!" Surely the rest of the nation and the world would know then that we Texans hadn't done it, that we wouldn't shoot our own beloved governor, too.

I am 58 years old now, and semi-retired from business. My passion is writing. I am working on a series of short stories about Castro's revolution, American Mob involvement in Cuban society prior to the revolution, the CIA war against Castro's regime, the anti-Castro movement here in the US prior to the assassination, and the assassination itself.

My first effort writing was the morning in 1968 when I woke up to find that RFK had been assassinated the night before. I remember thinking that it must all be a conspiracy. When the Conventional Wisdom pronounced Lone Gunman Redux, I knew the books were cooked in America. I was thirteen years old.

In JFK's assassination, I have always doubted the Oswald as Lone Gunman theory. At the same time, I have visited the Sixth Floor Museum and spent a lot of time standing as close to the Sniper's Nest as I could get - which is actually on the seventh floor, where you can stand and view Elm Street from the corresponding window to the Sniper's Nest - and looked at those two X's on the road and realized how short a distance it really is. That experience makes me, like someone else said on their bio, "allergic to bad conspiracy theories", although I firmly believe that Oswald participated in a conspiracy, but most decidedly not with the limousine driver.

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