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JFK Conspiracy Theorists Seek Inclusion in Ceremony

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An interesting article, Michael.

I have no problems with a professional reciting of speeches or indeed a fly past. But I was curious about this passage from the article. Referring to Mayor Rawlings it commented that:

“ he is determined to keep the tone of the event reflective of the "international, cosmopolitan, arts-centered city" Dallas is today, he said, while focusing on President Kennedy's life and accomplishments. "For 40 minutes, we need to be focusing on the man, not the moment 50 years ago,"

What the Mayor and other such persons appear not to realise is that it was “President Kennedy's life and accomplishments” that led directly to what the Mayor described as the “moment 50 years ago.”

At the 50th anniversary it is indeed befitting to reflect on the Presidents wider impact. However. it indicates a limited understanding of what happened nearly 50 years ago, to fail to see that “the moment” is an integral element of “President Kennedy's life and accomplishments”. They are not separate issue: his life and accomplishments brought about the need for the moment.


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