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Guns, Britain and the New World Order

John Simkin

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The Guardian (8th January, 2013)

Alex Jones, the pro-gun radio shock jock who founded a petition to deport Piers Morgan from the US, has launched into a series of lengthy tirades on the British host's CNN show – calling Morgan a "hatchet man of the new world order", warning him that "1776 will commence again" if firearms are taken away and challenging the presenter to fight him in a boxing ring.

After a briefly civil start as the two sat face to face, Jones launched into conspiracy theories about global banks trying to disarm US citizens, Britain being a "police state" plagued by violent crime despite gun curbs and declared that all the world's tyrants had disarmed their people.

As Morgan tried to interject with questions, Jones continued with his browbeating delivery, declaring that Morgan would not deter him with "little factoids". Morgan had been attempting to discuss the types of firearms used in major US massacres and the relative rates of gun killings between America and other countries.

Morgan has enraged the extreme end of the US gun lobby by calling for a ban on high-powered assault rifles and large ammunition magazines. On the day of the Newtown school shootings in the US the host angrily confronted members of the pro-gun movement on his nightly show, denouncing as "total hogwash" their argument that more guns mean less crime.

You can see a clip from the programme here:


British audiences would tend to take against rants made by people like Alex Jones. We prefer calmer, logical, intellectual type of discourse on television. Maybe this is a cultural thing. Is he popular in the US?

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Here's the complete interview which ironically seems to have been posted by an apparent supporter of 'AJ'. It's also ironic that Jones rants about medicated mentally ill people because to all (but his most fanatical supporters) he comes across as someone who's crazy and/or on something.

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Another irony is that Jones and his gaggle constantly froth at the mouth about (often imaginary) threats to American's (and other nationalities) fundamental rights, including freedom of speech, from the MIBH/NWO/CFR/PNAC/PTB/MIC etc. - but now they want to suppress Morgan's right to express his views. I'm no fan of Morgan he is way too full of himself and has some explaining to do about the phone hacking scandal etc.; but IMO he's right on this issue but even if one disagrees trying to deport him over this is impinging on the very same Bill of Rights his critics supposedly seek to defend.

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