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David Ray Griffin appears on White Power radio show to discuss 9/11

Len Colby

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OK this is very old news but only recently came across it:

The Political Cesspool 9/11/07

FIRST HOUR: (GUEST) REV. TED PIKE - James Edwards and Eddie "The Bombardier" Miller will welcome Ted Pike back to the program during the first half of the show tonight, before rounding out the evening with our interview featuring Professor David Ray Griffin, who'll be tackling the events of 9/11 from a fresh perspective! Rev. Pike is on to bring us the latest updates on the Federal "Hate Crimes" legislation.
- Dr. Griffin is a retired professor of philosophy of religion and also authored the book; The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9-11. Join us tonight as we engage in a scholarly and thought provoking debate regarding this controversial topic on the anniversary of the attacks.

About the radio show:

According to its statement of principles, the show stands for the "Dispossessed Majority" and represents "a philosophy that is pro-White."
It has attracted criticism—including from
, the
, the
(SPLC), and the
—for its promotion of
According to the SPLC, the show has featured a "Who's Who of the radical right", including members of the
; they say Edwards has probably done more than anyone in America to promote neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers and other extremists.


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