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Cass Canfield and William Manchester

John Simkin

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Cass Canfield, was the head of Harper Brothers, the company that published William Manchester's book on the assassination of John Kennedy. In his autobiography, Up and Down and Around (1971) he gives a long account of the problems getting the book published without explaining in detail what the Kennedy's were complaining about (it definitely had a lot to do with the way LBJ was portrayed).

Frances Stonor Saunders, the author of Who Paid the Piper: The CIA and the Cultural Cold War? (1999), has pointed out that Canfield was very closely associated with the CIA and was responsible for publishing several books favourable to the organization. He also arranged for Michael Josselson to work at Harper & Brothers after being exposed as the CIA organizer of the Congress for Cultural Freedom: "Cass Canfield, one of the most distinguished of American publishers... enjoyed prolific links to the world of intelligence, both as a former psychological warfare officer, and as a close personal friend of Allen Dulles, whose memoirs The Craft of Intelligence he published in 1963."


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Guest Robert Morrow

Arthur Schlesinger told William Manchester that a sublimal theme of his book "Death of a President" was that Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy. I think much of Jackie's and RFK's objection to book were other passages that reflected quite poorly on Lyndon Johnson. Not that they did not have their suspicions of LBJ, they did not want this dirty laundry aired especially in light of RFK's future presidential ambitions.

I know of 2 books that cover this story."Jackie, Bobby & Manchester: The Story Behind the Headlines" by Arnold Bennett: http://www.amazon.co... the Headlines!

And the other one is "The Manchester Affair" by John Corry: http://www.amazon.co...nchester Affair

I should point out that Lyndon Johnson was personally very closely associated with the CIA and he was one of only a handful of congressional overseers of that newly created organization in the 1950's. I have no doubt that LBJ had his thumb on the budget of the CIA and the military in general for many years.

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