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My name is Theresa C. Mauro, aka Terry Mauro. I graduated from Los Angeles City College with a A.A. in Radiologic and Nuclear Medicine Technology in 1976, and have been working in the field since that time.

I attended California State University Dominguez Hills in 1994 in an attempt to attain my B.S. in Nuclear Medicine but was forced to leave a year and a half later, due to the scheduling conflicts in my work and study loads. So much for upgrading my credentials for now. I've been an ARRT [N]/CNMT/CTNM in Nuclear Medicine Technology since 1976-77, and reside in Culver City, CA USA, where I'm employed at Brotman Medical Center, and Western Imaging Center as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.

I have been a student of the assassination of John F. Kennedy from the day it occurred on November 22, 1963, when I was 18 years old. I became an avid student following the Warren Commission findings in June 1964, based on their absurd explanation of the ballistic accuracy regarding Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged "guilt, by association", to a weapon of questionable identification (Mauser vs Carcano). I remember the early reports shortly following the shooting. And although, at the time I hadn't totally equated the term "due process" with a citizen's right to representation in a court of law, I was still cognizant of the fact that this alleged "killer", was being repeatedly denied access to a lawyer by the obvious way in which the law enforcement officers were ignoring his requests, on national television. This reminded me of what I'd learn to associate with the terms: vigilante tactics, mob rule, and a "kangaroo court".

Then came the primitive sketches rendered during the questionable [iMHO] autopsy that had taken place at Bethesda, and distributed to the press, later in June 1964, following the release of the Warren Commission Report.

From what I observed there appeared to have been a total disregard for what is known as forensic accountability, vital to investigations such as homicides. Due to the slipshod manner with which crucial evidence was carelessly handled and, in my estimation, damaged and contaminated beyond a reasonable doubt, there appeared to have been absolutely no protocol in place concerning the chain of possession required when handling evidence in a case of this magnitude, an assassination of the President of the United States.

This unconventional behavior on the part of these officials has led me to doubt the integrity of those whom we place in positions of government, assigned to protect and secure the interests of their citizens, and their constituency. Especially when the very principles upon which the U.S.

Constitution have been erected are so blatantly and publicly ignored. I am thankful for those earlier researchers for putting themselves on the line by questioning the results they found to be contradictory, and apparently false in the Warren Report. It really drove home the point to those American people, who were beginning to have doubts in their minds, as to whose vested interests were really being catered, from that moment in history to the present one, today.

My other interests include my dear friend Donna's Lippitt Morgan horse farm in Florida, and the study of the Lippitt Morgan horse lineage from the original Justin Morgan horse to his present day heirs. This is an interest I hope to pursue into my retirement, 10 years from now, when I plan to relocate to Georgia, and my own 10 acre piece of farmland.

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