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I do not claim to be a researcher (maybe one in the making) and I’m not an academic but I’ve been reading the forum for maybe 4 years.

I’m very interested in the assassination but also the forum dynamics which themselves are fascinating. I find myself less amused by the sniping and putdowns though, than when I first found the forum - I’ll keep my mouth closed (for now) about the ridiculing by way of manipulating members names that has emerged over the past few weeks other than to say; I will make an effort to refer to other members by their first name (unless the member prefers otherwise) or full name where necessary to avoid confusion - if you can do the same when addressing me, thank you.

What I really like to see here are threads initiated with intriguing questions or well presented/argued research, and respectful challenge and response. I am only likely to post on threads that fit these criteria (or are so the opposite of this). So, if I challenge something you say it likely means you got my interest, I understood at least some of your post, I kind of like your thinking and I could even change my opinion on the matter if you, or other posters, can help with the bits that didn't quite work for me.

I have no agenda, other than to learn more and contribute where I can.

As of now, Feb 2013, I have no strong beliefs re the assassination, other than:

1) there was more than one plotter / shooter

2) there was a cover up

3) the perpetrators of 1) may not be the same as the perpetrators of 2)

I am most convinced of 2), there was a cover-up, as there seems to be just too much evidence that confirms this.

While writing, I’ve just thought some more about ‘too much evidence’ of cover-up, and so much of it so very badly done. Was disinformation, in order to obscure and confuse, the modus operandi, with quantity being more important then whether the disinfo would ever stand up to even moderate investigation. Material for my first thread maybe.

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Welcome Lindsay,

Hope you enjoy the place and it proves valuable to you. You can call me Evan, The Provocateur, Evil Right Wing Power Mad Would be Dictator or Dr Depravo (and his evil assistant Whirlpool).... whatever suits your mood.


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