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Havana. March 22, 2013

The recovery of Havana Bay

• Humans and ecosystem in harmony

José Frutos Fonseca



Children at the Don Mariano Martí Navarro Elementary School in Old Havana are members of the interest group called Amiguitos de la bahía (Young friends of the Bay), a group sponsored by GTE-BH.

Loyda Vargas Portes proudly spoke about the work she organizes with children in this group.

“We teach young children how to protect nature and its seas. They enjoy various projects such as San Isidro Recyclesand Water and Cleansing, aimed at changing the way people behave in relation to the environment.”

“Knowledge is multiplied here as children are great communicators of information. They are taught why it is necessary to look after the seas and the environment,” she added

Arlin Castro, Melissa Bravo and Miguel Angel Sánchez are 5th-grade pupils at the school, which is linked to UNESCO.

The children’s activities include drawings related to nature, collecting raw materials, and taking photographs, some of which show the return of pelicans to Havana Bay.

Then, going home to their neighborhoods with what they have learned is the best part, according to Arlin, Melissa and Miguel Angel, “Because our parents, brothers and sisters, neighbors, and friends join in this worthy task and then we all take part in cleaning up the environment.”

Humans need nature to survive and for this reason, conserving it, rather than indiscriminately extracting its wealth, is the most important value, hence the essential cleansing and conservation of the Bay of Havana. • (Trabajadores)

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