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Robert Prudhomme

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My name is Robert (Bob) Prudhomme. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on Dec. 18, 1955. I was not quite eight when JFK died and I still remember, like it was yeserday, staring at the PA speaker in my Grade Two classroom and hearing the principal regretfully announcing JFK had been assassinated.

Although the assassination has interested me from that day forward, it was not until I read several books (Rush to Judgement was one of them) in the 1980's that I began to look more closely at the facts and evidence behind the assassination.

I have spent most of my adult life working as a logger in the rain forests on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada. During a decline in the industry in 2005, I chose to leave the woods for good (not getting any younger LOL) and take the position of water system operator in the village of 400 I live in.

I believe three things unequivocally about the assassination:

1. JFK was shot at least once, and possibly twice, in the head and one of these shots came from a position forward of the limousine.

2. JFK had a large gaping wound in the occipital-parietal region (right rear) of his skull. This was clearly an exit wound.

3. An agency of the American government funds pro-Warren Commission disinformation agents to infiltrate forums such as this one. It is likely that some JFK forums are totally funded by this agency to further these ends.

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