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Dawn Meredith

Dawn Meredith

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My name is Dawn Meredith, Austin, Texas. I have been reading about /researching the case since 11/22/63. I wrote two research papers on the JFK assassination while a student at Harvard- (evening Extension program)- 1973-1976. I have been an attorney since 1985. Have been involved with the research community since the days of the now defunct Cambridge- based Assassination Information Bureau. Deeply wish the research community was more united, less devisive.

Believe JFK's murder was conducted by the highest levels of the US "shadow" government. Believe Garrison /Prouty got it right. The cover-up continues and the so- called "liberal media" is most complicit in this on-going cover-up. Have written many members of the government -(Congress, Senate) - and media many times over the years , usually to no avail. After the failure of HSCA I lost all faith in the government to ever seriously investigate these matters.

I view the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK, as well as 9-11, as interconnected. Fear that the US is quickly becoming a fascist state.

No hidden agenda, "all I want is some truth". Been waiting since age 14.


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