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Perry Vermeulen

Perry Vermeulen

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My name is Perry Vermeulen (1982), a journalist from the Netherlands who is investigating the assassination of JFK since 2002. I wrote two books on the subject, both published in Holland in 2008 and 2012. The second one is a reference book, with general information on all the theories. The first one is of more interest for investigators: I investigated the journey Oswald made in 1962, the trip from Minsk to Fort Worth through my own country. That was never done thoroughly. Very interesting weeks in may/june 1962: still many questions, but I solved some of the mysteries.

I travelled to the US several times and hope to continue that in the rest of my life. Two of my best experiences:

In 2009 I travelled from Chicago to New Orleans through cities as St. Louis and Memphis. I rented a bike in New Orleans and made lots of pictures of places related to Lee Harvey Oswald:


In 2013 I travelled from Boston to DC through NYC and Philadelphia and I saw Memphis, New Orleans and Dallas. You can image the thrill for a foreign investigator: being in Dallas for the first time. Just came back: I will write a lot online the next weeks on the locations I visited, such as Dealey Plaza and all other places related to this case. My large article (2000 words) will be published in Dutch newspapers in November; there will be a translation after that month.

More of my work is on http://threeshotswerefired.com/ and http://perryvermeulen.nl/

I try to be as objective as possible - and I hate it when people make up interesting stories that in the end makes investigating the JFK-assassination more and more difficult. Its becoming more and more important to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to reliable sources.

I hope I can participate in interesting threats on this forum and I hope to be of any help for fellow investigators.

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