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Online Seminars: Timetable

John Simkin

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Current List of Seminars:

21st November

John Simkin: LBJ and the Assassination of JFK


Allan Eaglesham: Familiar Faces in Dealey Plaza


Jim Marrs: What a Difference a Day Makes. The Release of the Assassination Evidence to the FBI


David Mantik: The Autopsy Evidence


22nd November

Tim Carroll: The Whole Bay of Pigs Thing: Dallas to Watergate


Tosh Plumlee: Flight to Dallas: A Pilot's Memoir


Larry Hancock: Malcolm Wallace



Jim Fetzer: The Lone Nutter Refutation


23rd November

Steve Thomas: How did the police first learn that Oswald lived on Beckley St.?


Peter Whitmey: John Meier’s Alleged Assassination Discovery


Greg Parker: Alternative Jack Ruby Timeline


John Costella: The Zapruder Film


24th November

Mark Oakes: Patsy Paschall Film


Richard J. Smith: The JFK Rear Head Wound: The Witnesses


John Simkin: Florence Smith: The Forgotten Witness


Ron Ecker: Mitchell Livingston WerBell III


Pamela McElwain-Brown: The SBT: The Pretty Pig's Saturday Night (or what the LNT's won't tell you about 'the SBT')


25th November

Larry Hancock: LBJ and the Estes Scandal Murders



Shanet Clark: Was John Kennedy's Assassination "Legal"?


John Geraghty: Charles Voyd Harrelson


Al Carrier: South Knoll: Ballistics, Shot trajectory and Ideal Shot Origin


26th November

Wim Dankbaar: The Good Terrorists: Anti-Castro Cubans


David Boylan: Christian Defense League


Don Roberdeau: Rosemary Willis Headsnap at Z-214 Towards the Grassy Knoll


27th November

Jim Root: Serendipity


Pat Speer: The Autopsy Photos: A New Perspective


Nathaniel Weyl: The Attempt to Remove Fidel Castro from Power: A Personal History


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I would like to thank all those who have so far participated in the online seminars so far. I have kept a record of those people who attended our online seminars. So far it appears the following attended the seminars:

People who have attended these seminars include (in alphabetical order): J. L. Allen, David Boylan, Gary Buell, Mike Bull, Al Carrier, Tim Carroll, Shanet Clark, Eugene B. Connolly, Debra Conway, John Costella, Bob Cox, Chris Cox, Ryan Crowe, Dave Curbow, Wim Dankbaar, Dennis David, Jean Davison, Dixie Dea, Harry J. Dean, Marcel Dehaeseleer, Jean Delaney, Allan Eaglesham, Ron Ecker, Nancy Eldreth, Kathy Emberton, Lynn Ertell, George Michael Evica, Jim Fetzer, Jools Gardiner, John Geraghty, James R Gordon, Tim Gratz, Ian Griggs, Caroline Hall, Larry Hancock, David G. Healy, Alan Healy, Doug Horne, Antti Hynonen, Ville Huoponen, Don Jeffries, Brent Keeley, Ian A. Kerr, John King, John Korienek, Melody Landers, Craig Lanson, Peter Lemkin, Gary Mack, David Mantik, Jim Marrs, Nic Martin, Daniel Marvin, Neil Matheson, Terry Mauro, Pamela McElwain-Brown, David McPherson, Dawn Meredith, Bernice Moore, Terry Moore, Denis Morissette, Terry Mruz, Gary Murr, Mark Oakes, Ed O’Hagan, Shane O'Sullivan, Greg Parker, Mike Perez, Dave Perry, Tosh Plumlee, William Reymond, James Richards, John Ritchson, Don Roberdeau, Carl Rylander, Pamela Ray, Jim Root, Martha Schallhorn, Martin Shackelford, Ed Sherry, John Simkin, Richard J. Smith, Pat Speer, Stephen Stocker, Steve Thomas, Gibson Vendettuoli, Bob Vernon, Greg Wagner, Dave Weaver, Jack White, Peter Whitmey, Jim Yar and David Yarnell.

If you have attended these seminars but are not on the list, could you send me an PM or email about this. I am very keen to have an accurate record of these proceedings.

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