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Oswald and JFK's speech before the U.N. in September 1963

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In this speech before the United Nations in September 1963, JFK proposed cooperation with the Soviet Union in the exploration of outer space, including a joint venture to the moon.

His address was the product of prior diplomatic back channel discussions with Soviet Premier Khrushchev.

Lee Harvey Oswald has been portrayed as a communist because of his decision to relocate to the Soviet Union and because of activities he undertook after he returned to the U.S.

If Oswald were a communist as alleged, why would he assassinate President Kennedy who was working with Soviet Premier Khrushchev to build a better relationship between the two countries?

So there is a certain irony or contradiction in the accusation that Oswald killed Kennedy because Oswald was a communist.

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in buttering the patsy, the different "departments" got a little confused...

see, when he was buttered to be a Russian "deflector" and later infiltrate the Cuban groups, he had that "smell" to him...there was a trail to his interviews and his carefully planned press appearances.

so in trying to fit him into the patsy mode, it seemed best to paint him as a nuttty commie...until Lynda B Johnson got spooked about Rushkie nukes.

over time , the story of Oswald seems to morph between hardline commie symp to lone nutter trying to get famous.

funny, most guys who want to get famous brag and then they produce a manifesto...they don't call themselves a patsy...

but what do I know..

Ask someone who makes a lot of money from speculating on the whole affair. they seem to be the experts...

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