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Lyndon Johnson 11/22/63 calling Texas Media Exec Houston Harte

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

From JFK researcher "Tree Frog"


I found his in the San Angelo, TX newspaper that shows that LBJ immediately tried to

control the Texas media "story" regarding the JFK assassination:

Note background on Harte-Hanks Inc. mentioned below:

Harte-Hanks, Inc is a large world-wide "communication" company today, but

back in 1963 they owned numerous Texas newspapers including the San Antonio Express-News. Houston Hart and Bernard Hanks were from Texas. Houston Hart rose to be a top officer in the Company.

The company made its first foray into other media as early as 1962, when Harte-Hanks bought KENS-AM-TV, San Antonio's CBS radio and television affiliates, as part of its acquisition of the Express-News.[5] Harte-Hanks turned KENS from a perennial ratings also-ran to the market leader by 1968


Sue Meacham

"I was 19 years old. I worked at General Telephone on Towhig as an operator. As I was getting dressed to go to work I saw the news that JFK had been shot in a motorcade in Dallas. I was horror struck. Wished that I didn't have to go to work so I could stay home and watch TV. But I went to work anyway. My position as an operator was a dress up work in an enclosed building. No windows. Setting at a counter with hundreds of plugs to work through every minute .

So I'm sitting there doing my job as an "Operator" and I take a call from Lyndon B. Johnson to connect him to Mr. Houston Harte. I liked to have fallen out of my chair. I whispered this to my neighbor Operator. One minute later my supervisor got me out of my seat and took over the call. She insisted I go take a break 1 hour into my shift. Protocol dictated never listen in on a call.

This would have been the one if I ever wanted to listen in on. I always wondered what the conservation was about, because I'd bet money my supervisor did listen in. So in days and weeks and years that passed I began to believe there was a conspiracy. All the years since, I was sad about the fact JFK was gunned down. I loved the man, his family. Then one family tragedy after another happened. Then stories and pictures of JFK's private life came out in open. That broke my heart. JFK was a blessing to the USA....and then it all passed away."

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