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Mr. President

Harry J.Dean

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An early observation on the (thoughts of many)


Mr. President J F K

What were our thoughts of you

Before death took you from us that day

We gave our love, hope and admiration too,

Mourning now, we of this world

Know you ask not - but gave all for your country,

Of your strength, through accusations hurled

As you stood undaunted 'against those enemies'.

You were the stalwart laborer of a stately nation

As America wept and yet does not forget

The burden, the pain, of your trying station

And your words and hopes remain with us yet.

© H.J.Dean

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Dear Mr Kennedy,

I know you are dead and can't read this but here goes...

Sorry you got whacked before you could really do some damage to the IMC and watch Lynda B get sent off to the pokie for taking bribes.

I know the mob helped buy your votes and your Dad was a bootlegger...Heck you even cheated on your wife.

(Angie Dickenson? Nice work Jack...Nice work..)

You were the last guy in office with a brain who wasn't a psycho or a puppet ...if we exclude Bush Sr, who, while a psychopath, is no dummy..

I know that you have in death become somewhat "more" and in reality you just "were".
As with all things political, any great changes you made or would have made would have eventually been undone by the greedy psychopaths that eventually find careers in world banking via regional politics, but you meant well.

At least you tried.

Compared to the politicians of today, your good intentions speak volumes, your corrupt family background and your infidelities aside.

heck, let's not even mention McCarthy....

And seriously, thanks for sacking Lemnitzer. The Pentagon is full of his offspring now but again, you tried.Seems like you rid one part of the world of Nazi's and another part just fills right up again. The third reich part two.

In the end you were made more famous than you needed to be and in a very vulgar and garrish way.

Instead of creeping to the cross, you were pushed there early by the very thing that makes America;

Greed and the lust for power for powers sake.

Again, thanks for trying, rest in peace.....

(p.s. Oswald had nothing to do with it...really)

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