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NY Times movie review of "JFK: A President Betrayed"

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Movie Review

Enemies, Abroad and at Home

‘JFK: A President Betrayed’ Recounts Kennedy’s Opposition

The New York Times

November 21, 2013


Excellent documentary. Makes clear the extent to which Kennedy faced serious opposition from his own military and other high national security officials.

I agree with Theodore Sorensen that JFK kept us out of at least one nuclear war during his brief time in office.

One great clip in the film: Senator Kennedy, about 1954, after a trip to Vietnam, cogently arguing why we shouldn't attempt to make a military stand there, because the opposition was basically nationalists, even if they were left of enter. Aside from all the documentation that Kennedy had no intention of putting in the merican Army, or escalating beyond "advisors," its clear that the military was chafing at the bit to escalate--and they got their wish when JFK was assassinated and Johnson became president.


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