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Tom Neal

Tom Neal

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My name is Tom Neal, I'm a retired United Airlines pilot. My family and I have lived in Orlando, FL for the last 25 years.

I was born just outside Boston, MA in 1953. When JFK assumed office I was only 6 years old, and 10 when the news of his assassination was broadcast over the school's public address system. He was the only president I "knew." Eisenhower, and all the others were historical figures to me. I was shocked. I still am, but for a different reason.

His assassination was a full-blown coup triggered by his actions that would end the Cold War. Those responsible violated every tenet of our system of democracy, yet they believe their motivation was Patriotism.

Legally, those who maintain the coverup are accessories to murder and treason. There is no statute of limitations for either crime. Is it any wonder they will do whatever it takes to maintain the Cover-up?

They protect those who still believe war for profit is a justifiable business plan. Iraq, for example. Their motivation is not patriotism -- it is GREED.

When Oswald was executed on live television, I knew there was more to the assassination than the act of a lone nut. The WC "closed sessions" and the vast amount of information classified for decades reinforced my belief. If it truly was a LONE act, why the need for ANY classification?
This began a life long interest in the assassination.

LHO never fired a shot that day, and I sincerely doubt "his rifle" was fired at all. He seemed genuinely shocked to find himself accused of the crime. As he stated, he was a patsy. He must have been involved with those who committed the crime, but did he know they planned to assassinate the president that day? If so, what was he told to do as his part in the assassination? If not, why did he make his (apparently preplanned) journey to the movie theater to meet someone?

So many questions...

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