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Robert Mady

Robert Mady

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I am a native of The State of Minnesota, currently reside in The State of Kansas. I have been a member in good standing on JFK Assassination Forum since August 2012.

My interest in the JFK assassination started as with most people by living through the experience. At the age of eleven I was astonished that The President of The United States could have been assassinated and confronted with feeling of misery and hopelessness that this event caused. There seemed to be a quiet disillusionment that pervaded my parents home as the News Medias story kept changing and finally with the death of Oswald there was a realization that the murder of JFK was accomplished by the highest powers in the land and there was nothing that would be done about it.

Over the years I have spent some time reading and wondering about the assassination, but within the last few years decided to look deeper into the rabbit hole to see if the inner workings of the assassination could be discerned and understood.

I have come to understand that the assassination is not what we have been asked to believe.

My research is basic and does not rely on the work of others.

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