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If only the vociferous/argumentative persons interested in Cuba & JFK histories had not remained in their yet unenlightened early teens when history happened, they could have been more than 'note writing, record keeping' constructive/critiques.

But alas they remain young in their sixties, that is, compared to we then in our 30s who experienced the making of those

often seriously dangerous and yes, patriotic histories. Those histories that flash so clear and unforgettable in every detail

across more than a mere fifty years, and now closer to 87 have not created mind-slip with me. Such is the excuse only of

they who are faulty-fishers for information and baiter's of traps to enhance their already faltering reputations as would-be

and self aggrandizing historians, and/or ?

My manuscript/book written in 1990 was intended to assist any interested in such history and for future family members. It

is the only record to date that I will recommend. An eBook titled Confessions of Harry Dean, by Paul Trejo had some interest

to me, though I would have liked to have been permitted to first read and make some serious corrections before it was published. It is now determined to withdraw from any further association or attempts to contribute to the histories mentioned above.

My past involvements in the Cuba/JFK case makes it unnecessary to display FBI/NARA records as having been there they

will only tell what is already known to me also the great cost involved makes the purchase impossible, therefore the records would serve no other purpose perhaps than one future day a genuine book on these historic details be seriously undertaken.

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