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JFK: How the media assassinated the real story

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Dr. Gary North writes on www.garynorth.com today: The advantage that big institutions possess is that citizens don't pay much attention to them most of the time. They can operate behind the scenes, and there is no single opposition group that gets the ear of the public. Opposition is diverse. Opposition is dispersed. Opposition is decentralized. Alternatives are numerous, but major alternatives are few in number, and therefore governments can buy off the leaders if the members pose a threat.

This is why the government's official version of anything can probably secure acceptance of up to 40% of the population. Alternative views are too widely dispersed to gain traction. Thus, the government's official view predominates, not because everybody accepts it, but because nobody has presented an alternative interpretation which gains anything like the acceptance of the official interpretation. There are lots of alternative interpretations, but only a few people accept any one of them. So, it's a question of replacement. The old rule holds true: you can't fight something with nothing. It is very difficult to fight something that has 35% or 40% of the public's acceptance, by means of a position that has only 5% or 10% commitment.

The Kennedy assassination is the classic example. Over the past 20 years, the percentage of people who believe that one person acted alone to kill Kennedy has increased from about 10% to about 30%. In other words, the conventional government account has increased acceptance. In contrast, the number of people who think that more than one person was involved was as high as 80% in 1975. Today, that is down to about 60%. In other words, the government's version has gained traction because it is the default view. There are too many rival views. It is too confusing to figure out how Kennedy died. So, while the government has not been able to persuade about 70% of the population, its version has the largest percentage of believers. Some of this is acceptance by default. There is acceptance because it is too difficult to come to an agreement regarding a single rival account of the assassination.

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