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NATO - no!: Strategy of the Pentagon for achievement of world supremacy: A full range of domination, from Asia to Africa

John Dolva

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The present military space policy of the USA is directed first of all against two countries – China and Russia. In May, 2000 in Washington Post article under the name "For the Pentagon to the Forefront There Is Asia" was published. Article noted that "to Asia the Pentagon watches as at the most probable arena of future military conflict, or, at least, rivalries". In article it was said that the USA will double the military presence in the region and by and large will try to master China.

The Pentagon became the main service on getting of resources for the corporate capital. Whether it be the oil and gas of the Caspian Sea found in Africa rare-earth metals, oil fields of Libya or the Venezuelan oil more and more hi-tech American armed forces do everything that is necessary.

The former adviser for questions of national security of the president Obama general James Jones served Supreme Commanders as the integrated armed forces of NATO earlier. In 2006 the general Jones told mass media:

NATO develops the special plan for safety of oil fields and gas in the region of [Caspian Sea] … Our strategic objective is expansion to Eastern Europe and Africa.

In the last four-year report "National prospecting strategy" the former director of the National intelligence of the USA Denis Blair claimed that Russia "can continue to look for ways of restoration of the power and influence that can negatively be reflected in realization of interests of the USA …, [and] China competes for the same resources which are necessary to the United States, and is in process of prompt modernization of the armed forces".

Using NATO as the military tool, the United States now surround Russia and easily involved as if the alliance, European in a place of the stay, in war in Afghanistan and attack on Libya. The USA turn NATO into a global military alliance which can be used even in the Pacific Rim.

Power and antimissile attack

In the middle of March, 2009 the Agency on antimissile defense of the Pentagon (MDA) held conference in Washington. At a meeting senator Karl Levin (Democratic party, Michigan) declared: "Antimissile defense – an important element of defense of our country. So, a high priority is input in a system of effective remedies of protection of our forces of the advanced basing against many hundreds of existing rockets of near and average range".

Obama's administration develops systems of "antimissile defense" (missile defense) in Turkey, Romania and Poland now, and also destroyers of Naval Forces which enter the Black Sea. The military loop of NATO is tightened round Russia.

Russia possesses the world's largest natural gas fields and considerable reserves of oil. Recently the USA constructed military bases in Romania and Bulgaria, and will soon add in Albania. NATO extended in east direction to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – directly to borders of Russia. In the list of candidates for the introduction of a malignancy of NATO also Georgia, Ukraine, Sweden and Finland.

Supervision of the Indian journalist:

The arch of an environment of Russia becomes stronger. Communications of NATO facilitate [possible] expansion of the American system of antimissile defense in Georgia. The USA intend to enter a chain of the countries connected by "partnership" with NATO into the missile defense system which will stretch from their Baltic to the Central European allies. The ultimate goal of it consists in neutralization of strategic opportunities of Russia and China, and establishment of the nuclear superiority. In the document "National Defensive Strategy" published by the Pentagon on July 31, 2008 the perception of the reviving Russia and the rising China is represented by Washington as the attitude towards potential opponents.

It seems that the same strategy which we saw on the example of carried out by the USA and NATO of a balkanization of Yugoslavia, Libya and Iraq, is developed and for Russia. Judging by the proceeding environment of Russia by forces of NATO, the plan consists in retraction of Moscow in the bog of military operations in Ukraine which has to weaken the country. Results of the researches Rand Corporation say about desirability of disintegration of Russia on a set of smaller parts that would facilitate to the western corporations access to the broad resource base which is available there.

The recent announcement of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) of creation of bank of the international development with the capital of 100 billion dollars which will compete with the IMF and the World bank, caused anger of the governments under control to the western corporations which doesn't need any calls to their management of world economy. Directly after the announcement of BRICS we became witnesses of escalation by the financed and directed USA and NATO of civil war in Ukraine.

The Canadian government of Harper now recommends to join the missile defense program of the USA. The Canadian military corporations can't wait to open locks of the state treasury – benefits from participation as the younger partner of the USA in race of arms in space are too high that to refuse them. But further reductions of a state program of health care of Canada and other expensive programs of social security have to be for a start carried out. In the USA the military industrial complex to facilitate financing of the expensive program of development of military space technologies, chose the target of "the program of payments": social insurance, medical aid aged and poor, and everything that at "social security" remained unreduced.

Besides, Canada started construction of "the armed fighting ships" on shipyard Irving in Halifax. This program worth 25 billion dollars, the largest military acquisition in the Canadian history, got support of almost each political party in the country. Why to Canada so monumental program of military shipbuilding?

The growing fleet role

Due to the thawing of ices in the Arctic Naval Forces of the USA are anticipated by increase in the presence in the region for "protection of navigation". For the last 25 years in the Arctic global warming was resulted by 40 percent reduction of ices. Recently independent senator from the State of Maine Engus King wrote that "oil and gas stocks which were inaccessible" earlier, will be soon available to production. In the spring of this year senator King swept on the American nuclear submarine under the Arctic ice. Together with it there was a head naval operations the admiral Johnathan Grinert who told New York Times: "We need to be sure that our sensors, the weapon and people at height in this part of the world" we could "own the underwater territory and reach any its point".

The new report of fleet under the name "The development plan of Naval Forces of the USA in the Arctic: 2014-2030" states: "Ice in the Arctic recedes quicker, than we thought earlier … and this fact promises activity increase". The Arctic region, says the development plan, contains a huge number of not reconnoitered fossil types of fuel and natural resources, including about 90 billion barrels of oil, 1669 trillion cubic foots of natural gas and 44 billion barrels of gas condensate.

The report warns that the fleet will face serious problems of material character, and he should study ways of distribution of fuel in the region on "air and surface platforms". Placement of the developed staff of armed forces will require operational bases and in order that richness of a seabed with guarantee was in hands of the USA and NATO, but not competitors like Russia, the partnership with the Arctic states and even more warships is required.

In 2013 the American Minister of War Chuck Heigl told: "Having got the advantage connected with existence of opportunities of multilateral preparation together with partners in the region we will add to the experience of actions in the conditions of a frigid climate and we will strengthen at the army level our relations with other Arctic countries".

Torpedoing of the world

In the past the president Obama called for refusal of the nuclear weapon. Watching the progressing expansion of forces of NATO and missile defense at the borders, Russians categorically claim that under blow any serious hopes for essential reduction of nuclear weapons.

The signature to the image: Russia and China try to forbid the weapon of space basing in the UN.

On April 16, 2009 the former president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev made a speech at opening of the Overcoming of Nuclear Threat conference in Rome. He noted: "Until we don't pay attention to need to carry out demilitarization of the international relations, to reduce military budgets, to put an end to creation of new types of weapon and not to allow placement of the weapon in a space, all talk on the world, free from the nuclear weapon, will be inappropriate gab".

All American military empire is tied on use of space technologies. By means of military satellites in space of the USA can see practically everything on Earth, intercept all communications on the planet and choose the purpose practically any place at any moment. Russia and China understand that the purpose of the American military consists in achievement of "a full range of domination" in interests of the corporate capital.

Besides, application of new space technologies for coordination and management of modern military operations allows military industrial complex to reap huge profits when building architecture of that according to representatives of the space industry will be "the greatest industrial project" in the history of the planet.

The purpose — Asia

Expansion in the Pacific Rim of destroyers under control of Idzhis system with interceptors of missile defense onboard, allegedly for protection from North Korean rocket installations, facilitates for the USA possibility of drawing pre-emptive first strikes across China.

Now at the USA in South Korea 30 land interceptors of missile defense are developed. Many activists of a peace movement in the country claim that the main target of these systems – not Democratic People's Republic of Korea, but the People's Republic of China and Russia.

The American military expansion which is conducted at the moment on Hawaii in South Korea, Japan, on Guam, Okinawa, Taiwan, in Australia, Philippines and other Pacific countries is, in fact, key strategy in this offensive "turn" for the purpose of control of China.

Set as the additional purpose of the USA acquisition by the "accepting" countries which would make an essential contribution to simplification for the Pentagon of a task of a covering of expenses in this extremely expensive escalation.

For many years the Joint space command of VS of the USA annually holds war games on the first strike against China. Under the terms of game in 2017 the Pentagon at first starts the plan of military space activity which realization proceeds in heavens, and begins devastating attack with a preventive strike on nuclear forces of China as an element of the new program "Global Blow".

Then China in a war game tries to organize retaliation in tens the nuclear missiles capable to strike the western coast of the American continent. But the systems of "antimissile defense" of the USA placed now in Japan, South Korea, Australia on Guam and Taiwan, help to reflect the nuclear answer of China which lost control.

The words said in 2009 by the being Minister of Defence of Obama Robert Gates were quite frank when he told: "We carry out re-equipment still of bigger number of the ships of the Naval Forces equipped with Idzhis system for the purpose of giving of functions of defense against ballistic missiles which would help against China to them".

To antimissile defense which society is given as exclusively defensive system, the Pentagon the board role is actually prepared after in heart of a nuclear arsenal of separately taken country attack is made a sword of the first blow.

At me, as living in Bath, the State of Maine, the special point of view on military rivalry of the USA and China. In my city of Naval Forces build the destroyers with Idzhis system equipped with missile defense systems. Leaders of the Congress from my staff claim that "control" of China on construction of the ships with "Idzhis" requires even more means of the Pentagon.

According to the well-known writer Noam Chomsky, the American foreign and military policy now is completely built round control of the most part of supply of oil in the world as "lever of world supremacy". One of ways of maintenance of dependence on the USA of Europe, China, India and other emerging markets, and also their synchronization with the American policy, ensuring control over supply of fossil fuel on which they depend is. Even at a collapse of the American economy, apparently, tells the Pentagon, the one who still, controls keys from the engine of world economy, that and orders.

For example, to 80 percent of the oil China imports the ships through the Yellow Sea. If any competing country could establish military control over this transit route and block supply of oil to China, its economy could be held in hostages.

It is possible to see how for ensuring potential coastal blockade of China the Pentagon will use South Korean naval base on Jeju Island which now is under construction, despite seven years' resolute campaign of a nonviolent protest against base.


Many years Russia and China submit for consideration of the UN of the resolution, calling for negotiations on the new contract which would forbid placement of the weapon in space.

From the middle of the eightieth years the resolution "Prevention of race of arms in a space" (PGVKP) was supported by all member countries of the UN, except for the USA, Israel and Micronesia.

So was during Clinton's presidency, George W. Bush's board and at Obama now.

Full-scale race of arms between Russia, China and the USA will have catastrophic consequences for the world and can make life on Earth of less safe. At that very moment, when resources of the planet are urgently necessary for the solution of the problems arising with arrival of severe reality of climate change and growth of poverty we are hardly able to afford that on further militarization of space and growth of the conflict of superstates even more money jumped out.

Generally, the Pentagon leaves the biggest carbon trace of the activity on the planet. The USA insisted on that the Pentagon was excluded from the Kyoto Protocol on mitigation of climate change, and refused to sign the agreement until the Pentagon is brought out of it.

While the USA try to arm the world for the benefit of corporate globalization, our local communities conceived a liking for military expenses. When we oppose the aggressive military empire of USA abroad, we also have to speak about a question of workplaces at home. Appeals to conversion of military industrial complex, the requirement of transformation of our industrial base for creation of infrastructure of renewable power of the XXI century help us to enter into the coalition with workers of weapon production which now have to support the car of murders in hope to support the families.

Researches show long ago that conversion of military production in creation of necessary systems, for example, of the railroads, solar or wind turbines, not only will help to cope with climate change calls, but also will create much more workplaces.

Eventually, it is a question of soul of the nation – that it speaks about us as about the people when we continue to build the weapon for murder of people around the world workers could put food on a table at home?

The joint propaganda on a global scale on all controversial issues is now very necessary. Peace movements, social justice, ecological, labor and other movements have to work on connecting our questions and to create the integrated grass-roots movements against the destructive power of corporate oligarchies which direct the most part of our western governments more persistently. Aspiration to privatize social security system, and also privatization of foreign and military policy have to be called into question if we really want to protect future generations successfully.

Bruce Gagnon – the coordinator of the International network against the weapon and nuclear energy in space.

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