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Ruth Paine on American History TV

Peter McGuire

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Dan Rather and Paine lie about Oswald - an amazing young man who traveled the world before he died.

Yet, he couldn't " hold a job" according to Paine , the CIA agent who looked like a Quaker.

Fraizer and the curtain rods and how he "would not be coming home on Friday night, the 22 of November!"

This stuff is so simplistic and unbelievable. How stupid do the criminals think we are?

"Roy said , get out of the line" according to Connelly.

He also acknowledged that both Kellerman and the day help from the limousine service company looked back "between the *second and third shots"

* there were, actually, as many as 10 shots fired

Now , the "loser": with the beautiful wife and a lover on the side , wife is mumbling about something.

Oswald lived 10 lives in his short one and was anything but a loser.

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