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Woodward and Bernstein speaking in Houston tonight

Douglas Caddy

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Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are the featured speakers tonight at The Wortham Center in Houston. The event is sponsored by Brilliant Lectures. I have not seen these two reporters in over 40 years when I was the subject of their initial articles about Watergate. A kind friend has arranged for me to be a guest at the VIP reception before the talks, where I shall have my picture taken with them.

I shall give a report here tomorrow on what the two reporters said.

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When I approached Woodward and Bernstein last night at their lecture event in Houston, I said “I’m not here.” Woodward immediately had a puzzled look on his face. So I added, “that’s what you have me saying your book.”

I then introduced myself. Woodward looked shocked and Bernstein said in a real loud voice that startled some people, "Oh, xxxx!. Is it really you?"

Bernstein autographed my gratis copy of "All The President’s Men" by writing "Holy xxxx!" and signed his name and Woodward wrote "Many thanks" and signed his name.

There were about 30 people waiting in line at the reception to greet the two and have their photo taken. But W&B wanted to talk to me and started asking basic questions about Watergate. I gather they still view me as a person of interest or a man of mystery. I did not want to hold up the line of people, so I excused myself.

I feel certain that they wanted to talk to me more but I passed up the opportunity because I have written an article about Watergate that is pending before a prestigious publication. Hopefully it will be published.

A photographer took photos of the three of us but she has not yet posted these online.

They gave a great talk at the lecture afterwards and I found myself agreeing with their current views of the world situation with the exception of their take on Putin who in my opinion in the only mature international leader in the world with a realistic grasp of geopolitics.

Woodward told a story about a senator who told him that Obama had telephoned him only twice in five years. The senator then asked Woodward not to publish this. When Woodward asked why, the senator said that most senators had never received one phone call and a few had received one call and disclosure that he had received two calls from Obama might cause jealousy or resentment among his colleagues.

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