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Yeslah Garvey

Yeslah Garvey

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Yes-I Garvey was born in Oakland on 11/22/63, just as the president was being murdered in Texas.
His main interests as a youth were athletics and religion: baseball, bodysurfing, church acolyte, zen student.
He received a National Merit Scholarship to the University of Chicago in 1981; after breaks to hitch hike around the country and to experience psychedelics, Yes-I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1986 with a BA in South Asian languages.
At that point Yes-I decided not to enter graduate school, but instead to devote his life to spiritual practice under the guidance of an unconventional wisdom master in Northern California, and to work as a tradesman and manual laborer.
Since then he has been a cabinetmaker, worked in haute cuisine restaurants, been an organic farm worker, a baker, and currently is involved in bio-dynamic ganja growing and agricultural education in Humboldt County, California.
His interest in deep politics, secret government, conspiracies and antifascism was awakened by the Nip Tuck/Dave Emory broadcasts from KFJC in the mid-80's, but it took 9/11 to make him realize that understanding what has happened over the last 75 years is a necessity for any hope of cultural survival for the generations to come.
Favorite writers include Sylvia Meagher, Joachim Joesten, Penn Jones, Gaeton Fonzi, E. Martin Schotz, James Douglass.

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