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JOHN ROUSSELOT to FBI re: Harry Dean

Ernie Lazar

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I have now received the FBI HQ main file on John Rousselot (HQ 94-54427) which contains a serial re: Rousselot's knowledge about and concerns regarding Harry Dean.

From the context of Rousselot's inquiry, it appears that he never heard of Harry Dean but, for some reason, he felt "threatened" by the story Harry was telling - re: Rousselot's alleged participation in a Birch Society plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

Rousselot sent the FBI a copy of a March 30, 1977 newsletter published in southern California [Between The Lines], which reported that during the period when Harry Dean was a JBS member in Covina CA, he became aware of two different plots by JBS members to murder JFK. The first was to be accomplished in Mexico City in 1962 but it "was called off" and the second was the successful assassination in Dallas in November 1963. According to Harry Dean, there was also another "major" JBS activity against JFK i.e. "the threat against a thorough investigation" after JFK was murdered.

Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the 5 pages from Rousselot's file which discuss this matter may contact me at: ernie1241@aol.com

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