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Joseph McBride on JFK's view of his possible assassination

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From Joseph McBride’s book INTO THE NIGHTMARE: MY SEARCH FOR THE KILLERS OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY AND OFFICER J. D. TIPPIT: "At a private reception for Kennedy in the [Milwaukee] Arena lounge with about a hundred other guests before the [May 12, 1962, Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner] dinner, my father [Raymond E. McBride], who was covering the event for the Journal, asked the president, 'Do you ever worry about being assassinated?' Kennedy did not seem fazed by the question. He replied that he couldn’t think about being assassinated, because it would be hard for him to do his job if he did. His aide Theodore Sorensen later wrote of Kennedy, 'Simply accepting death as an inevitable fact of life, and simply recognizing assassination as an unavoidable hazard of the Presidency, he refused to worry about his personal safety -- not with any bravado or braggadocio but with an almost fatalistic unconcern for danger.'”

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