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Harry J.Dean

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Torture,I was caught in the center between President Eisenhower's sudden anti-Castro policy change,

as member of Castro's Revolutionary Movement. Now, 1960 arrested by Cuba's G-2/DGI secret police,

being threatened at Havana headquarters with possible execution, a 45 caliber automatic pressed at my

temple by a raged bearded Militia member, and another yelling loudly 'we should kill all these American

dogs". That torture was only a fearful brain bender, with no physical harm involved.

I later learned that more than a dozen or more suspected US. spies had gone from that torture chamber

to the firing squad before,during and after my "interrogation". Yes, I was gathering information for US.

Intelligence as a US. backed invasion was in the works. All of my pro-Castro revolutionary efforts being

crushed by an unexpected sudden change in US/Cuban policies.

That spy suspect arrest and escape from death forever haunts my thoughts, though it could be considered

a cake-walk compared with the torture methods used by worse, more sub-human US. Intelligence degenerates

recently exposed by the US. Government!


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Why were you arrested?

To whom were you providing information?

Although I was a member of Castro's network, and had those credentials, even then Cuban and/or

non-Cubans members were under suspicion of being possible US. agents. So when in Cuba were

subject to "vigorous interrogation" or worse, unless convincing?

Info to FBI and CIA agents.

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