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JFK and Dr. Donald Menzel, the astronomer

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Here is an virtually unknown aspect of JFK: How he first became interested in UFOs. He was on the Board of Overseers of Harvard University in 1957 and established a professional relationship with Prof. Donald Menzel at the University. Menzel, an astronomer, was the nation’s most outspoken debunker of UFOs but in reality he led a double life and worked closely with the NSA and its predecessor on the subject as he was actually a believer in UFOs. Menzel told JFK that once the latter had received his top security clearance, the two could talk. JFK just prior to his assassination wrote a letter to the CIA to request information it had on UFOs. For more on this story listen to the interview in the link below with Stan Friedman. Start at minute 14 to get the background but Friedman makes his disclosure about what his found at the Harvard Library at minute 19, which was a file marked “JFK” in the large Menzel file that he was researching.



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