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4 Previously References-unknown DP Witnesses

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Good Day.... I have recently located + interviewed 2 previously un-named (+ never interviewed by any investigation, nor interviewed for any publicized book nor documentary, etc) Texas state highway patrolmen who drove convertibles in the murder-cade.
Both men + their vehicles co-riders/co-witnesses were past/at the Main-to-Houston right turn when the attack shots volley's were fired.
I will be writing up details of their interviews + publicize for everyone, soon. (one of several interesting considerations with respect to both/all of the Texas state highway patrolmen is that the Secret Service had authorized them at Love Field, beforehand, to continue to carry their service hand guns during the murder-cade)
Have also located + interviewed a man who arrived in DP beforehand (and his being attracted to watch an eye-catching, animated, + interesting event before (at about 12:10 PM) JFK arrived into the plaza of Dealey that occurred on/near the north end of the intersection of the triple overpass/parking lot area), then he continued to watch the murder-cade + heard the attack shots volley's from a window of one of the rounded corner rooms of the "Old Red Court House." (along with his now-ex-wife, who i will also interview, who had the rounded corner room access because she worked in the ORCH)
Best Regards in Research,

+ ++Don

Donald Roberdeau
United States Navy
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker
Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly

For your key considerations + independent determinations....

Homepages Website: "Men of Courage": JFK-elimination Evidence,
Photographers, Outstanding Researchers Discoveries, Suspects, + Key Considerations....

The Dealey Plaza Detailed Map: Documented 11-22-63 Victims Precise Locations +
Reactions, Evidence, Witnesses Locations, Photographers, Suspected Bullet Trajectories,
Outstanding Researchers Discoveries, + Important Information + Key Considerations, in
One Convenient Resource....
(updated map, + new information)

Visual Report: The First Bullet Impact Into President Kennedy: While JFK was Still Hidden
Under the "Magic-limbed-ricochet-tree"....

Visual Report: Reality Versus C.A.D. : the Real World, versus, Garbage-in-garbage-out....

Discovery: Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS
Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Head Snap:
West, Ultrafast, and Directly
Towards the Grassy Knoll ....

T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore

For the United States:
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