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What is a Comenius Project?

Richard Jones-Nerzic

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Comenius is is a European action programme to encourage schools to collaborate across borders. Comenius projects can improve professional skills, knowledge of culture and languages, and innovation in teaching. Comenius Space is a site for teachers and trainers active in Comenius projects and for those that would like to join. On the website you can find services, people, experts, and advisors that can help set up an international project. Comenius Space is available in English, French and German.


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I have been involved in two successful Socrates/Lingua projects, both of which would now come under Socrates/Comenius:

1. The ICT for Language Teachers project, which involved setting up a website of training resources for teachers of Modern Foreign Languages. The website has received international acclaim and is still functioning as a free resource:


2. TALLENT: A project that aimed to offer regular one-week or two-week training courses in ICT for language teachers in the European Union, plus the creation of an online and printed course handbook: http://www.solki.jyu.fi/tallent. See Jeannette Littlemore's report on the TALLENT course delivered in Birmingham in 2001: Littlemore, J. (2002) "Setting up a course in ICT for Language Teachers: some essential considerations", CALL-EJ Online, 4 (1) at http://www.clec.ritsumei.ac.jp/english/cal...littlemore.html

I have also worked for the European Commission as an evaluator of project proposals. Some general advice:

1. Needs analysis: Make sure you have identified a real need for your project.

2. Evaluation: Make sure you have plans in place for formative and summative evaluation.

3. Dissemination: Have firm plans in place for disseminating the outcomes of your project.

Above all, read the Comenius guidelines carefully. You must abide by the rules otherwise your project proposal will automatically be rejected.

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