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Briefly, I have been interested in the JFK assassination for roughly 40 years, since I wrote a paper about for a college rhetoric class. One of my main sources was “Six Seconds in Dallas”, by Josiah Thompson.

One of my main interests within the entire assassination was the media handling of the events as they transpired. As an offshoot of this interest, I have acquired many of the “as it happened” tapes and DVD’s from the networks and WFAA-TV. Although I’ve been through all of them countless times to the extent that I can quote a lot of the dialogue before it happens, I never have a problem popping in one to watch for an hour or two at any time.

My other area of interest is specifically the SBT. Why I believe Oswald had something to do with the assassination (why would he refer to himself as a patsy instead of continuing to insist that he was innocent?), the improbability of the SBT, to me, means that more than one person was involved.

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