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Dear Forum Users,

I am posting with regard to a new student history resource for which I would like to raise awareness. Following the advise of Mr Simkin I have decided to announce the idea on the forum so that I can get some feedback and maybe prompt a debate on its uses. After an impassioned, if not unexpected, response to a similar message I recently posted at the Schools History forum I am sure this will be both an interesting and useful thread.

I am the current editor of a new history venture called TheHistoryProject.co.uk and am trying to raise awareness for our undertaking.

As a new project our basic goal is to publish the works of teachers and independent historians as well as promising students in a way that makes them accessible for other scholars of history and gains recognition for the individual works of those who contribute. As such we are quickly building an archive of interesting and useful information. I think that this is not only useful to students as a great aid to learning and research but as a way of building their confidence and pride by offering an area in which to display their own work.

Already we have attracted the attention of several published authors who have contributed their work to our archive in the form of exclusive essays and a number of book extracts and we are receiving letters of encouragement almost daily.

In order for this to work, however, we need to make people aware of us and it is because of this that I have posted this message. If, as teachers (or students), you can assist us in this respect in any way at all I would be extremely grateful to hear from you. Our current major aim is to promote ourselves to students and inform them that they can put their finished products to use to help other students like themselves worldwide. This has been a proven incentive to encourage work, offering as it does rewards beyond the final grade. More than this we also offer a growing information library for revision and research of a wide range of topics.

In the mean time please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have at webmaster@thehistoryproject.co.uk. Alternately you can visit our website at www.thehistoryproject.co.uk and see what we're about. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards,

Ben, TheHistoryProject.co.uk

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This seems to be a very good idea. Over the years I have had several people email me with history articles they wanted me to publish on my website. I could not do that because of the nature of my website. In future I will refer them to your website.

I suggest you take a look round the forum. Several members make long posts (especially in the JFK section). If you like what they have written PM them and ask if they want to develop it into an article.

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It looks like a great idea to me Ben :D

I think you will also get an interesting response from members here as one of the aims of this forum is to put learners in touch with real research and real researchers. There are lots of possible areas of collaboration.

Good luck with your site I will watch its development with interest

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An excellent idea to set up an new web site!

I am sure you will find a good response.

Good luck!

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That would be greatly appreciated, if you need anything from me in order to do this then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for all the messages of support so far.

Has the potential to grow into something good, if you get the posts to keep people coming back. I can promote the site in the HA enews for econdary teachers if you wish.

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