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Estrada and Trump

Peter McGuire

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Joseph Estrada
  • Joseph Estrada, original name Joseph Ejercito (born April 19, 1937, Manila, Phil.), Filipino actor and politician who served as president of the Philippines (1998–2001).
Do not think that an incompetent man can not be elected president!
I have been to the Philippines since 1993, and my daughter was born there after I finished a teaching contract in Korea.
Estrada got elected. Trump could too.
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The President is the chief diplomat, among other very important duties for us.

Trump is a failed human being who borrowed $20,000,000 when he was bankrupt for the first time from banks that he owed money - but felt it was in their best interest to take a chance and lend him the money, rather than certainly lose an amount of money greater than that.

Failing in business is one thing, but being a person like him is another.

If I did not think that there were not enough stupid voters in the United States, I would not be concerned.

But there are.

There certainly were in the Philippines, and read the rest of the history there after inmate Estrada was elected.

This is not Illinois people, this is the whole United States. We don't like our ex-presidents in prison.

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