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Deborah Kalb interviews Ray Locker about "Nixon's Gamble"

Douglas Caddy

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Ray Locker writes on Facebook today: Great interview here with @deborahkalb. Woodward and Bernstein said these four things about their mystery source Deep Throat: 1) He would only confirm information they had gathered from other sources. 2) They would only use background material if it came from two sources. 3) He was never wrong. 4) He was Mark Felt, the former FBI official. As we see in Nixon's Gamble and noted in this interview, they were wrong on all four counts with their May 3, 1973, story in the Post. They used him as an original source; they quoted him as a sole source without confirmation from another source; he was wrong and he wasn't Felt. He was former FBI official William Sullivan, who was covering up his role in the wiretaps of 17 government officials and journalists.

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