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Luis Angel Castillo?

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I was hoping to get some opinions from forum members regarding the very strange Castillo. A brief background; Castillo was arrested in the Phillipines supposedly in connection to a plot to kill President Marcos. During the interrogation by the National Security Police (who can be most persuasive), Castillo displayed four identities with both homicidal and suicidal tendencies.

The FBI also interviewed Castillo where he claimed to have been in Dallas on the 22nd of November, 1963. Castillo said he was positioned on the second floor of the Dal-Tex building and told to shoot on a signal that never came.

Castillo is also supposedly Eddie Bayo's brother-in-law.

I guess the first question is how did Castillo get back from the Phillipines to be interviewed by the FBI? Did the Filipino authorities just hand him over? Also, one of the personalities Castillo displayed was Sgt. Manuel Angel Ramirez; or is there a possibility that this could be Castillo's real identity?

Another curious oddity is that Castillo bears a striking similarity to fellow potential mind control patsy Sirhan Sirhan (see below). The Phillipines also holds some further interest given that Eugene Thane Cesar (IMO, RFK's real assassin) fled there.

I would certainly be interested in any opinions or additional information regarding this.



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Funny you should ask about Castillo, I was just researching his story in back-copies of the Manila Times yesterday and attach the picture printed when his story broke on April 22, 1967. Here's the information from the Times:

Castillo used the passport of Antonio Reyes Eloriaga, 29, North Dover St, Chicago, IL. Eloriaga left the Philippines for the US on September 12, 1963 after completing his second year of medicine at Manila Central University and took up a medical technology course at Alexan Brothers Hospital in Chicago. Eloriaga's mother said he stopped writing to them in August, 1966 and they became worried.

Castillo arrived in the Philippines on Feb 2, 1967 and was arrested Mar 2. His known aliases, besides Eloriaga, are Angelo Rodriguez, Razo Hernandez, Mario Rodriguez, Ignacio Gonzales Grajeda. He is described as short and stocky, 5'6 to 5'7.

Castillo said Mrs Dole, a woman of German descent, gave him instructions in Dallas and was one of many who worked on him and placed him in a trance for the Kennedy job.

He told investigators he was a private in the Segunda Organization Defensiva in Santiago, Cuba when he was chosen for training in espionage work. He was trained in an espionage school, the Special Operations Group CID, under Colonel Calma in a camp located about 15 miles from the Bay of Pigs. On the faculty was Karnovsky, a communications expert, some Cubans and a handful of Americans. He identified an American, James R. Myers, who attended to his needs as a civilian in Cuba and in the US.

Castillo said in September, 1965, he was told to contact Eloriaga in Chicago to prepare for his mission. He was brought by fishing trawler three miles off the shore of Florida and on reaching the shore, he was given identification papers and two plane tickets for Chicago.

He arrived in Chicago on Sept. 24 and contacted Eloriaga with whom he planned his Philippines trip. The plan was for Castillo to assume the complete identity of Eloriaga and to frame US authorities into deporting him back to the Philippines as an overstaying visitor.

This worked successfully. Castillo stole a car in Chicago, drove it through California to New Mexico and Santa Fe where he was arrested by state police and the FBI and sentenced to four days in jail. The Justice of the Peace Elmer Bassett said Castillo was as nervous as a tomcat in a creamery, had a hard time remembering his name and had no ID. Bassett said someone called him several hours after Castillo appeared before him, and asked him to release Castillo. ‘But I don’t know who it was...I just told them I couldn’t do that’.

Castillo was later deported to the Philippines by the FBI on Feb. 2, 1967.

Castillo’s file shows an arrest in 1962 for carrying a concealed weapon, investigation of hold-up and robbery in Newark, NJ in 1964, and an indefinite sentence the same year to the Bordentown, NJ, state reformatory for larceny. Dr Carl Pfeiffer did MKULTRA research at Bordentown at the same time.

I find the whole Castillo story very convincing. Next to Sirhan, he is the best example we have of a 'Manchurian Candidate'. I'd be very interested in where Castillo has been since the Philippines and what connections he has to other individuals at JM WAVE beyond Eddie Bayo.


Biography: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2267

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Good stuff, Shane. I appreciate your reply.

Do you have any more information on this Mrs. Dole? That would certainly be an interesting component to the larger picture.

As far as connections to JM/WAVE goes, I have been told that Rip Robertson was involved with Castillo but I have no way to confirm that. It is just hearsay but tantalizing none-the-less.

I agree that the Castillo story as weird as it is, is convincing. I get the feeling however that details will be few and far between.

Thanks again.


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