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Stop! I must tell you!

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In 1965 researchers Penn Jones and Gary Shaw "learned from newsmen that something unusual did happen [in the motorcade] on Harwood [street] shortly before the turn to Main Street. No one wanted credit for this, but we were told by reliable newsmen that a man jumped in front of Kennedy's car on Harwood shouting, 'Stop, I must tell you.' [He] was promptly wrestled to the ground and hustled away."

"This may explain why Clint Hill felt it was necessary for him to crouch on President Kennedy's limousine as it rounded the corner at Main and Harwood streets. Hill knew President Kennedy did not like the men hanging on his car, but Hill crouched there for he seemed to feel that security demanded that he be there."

-The Continuing Inquiry, 1/20/77


Has anyone ever found out any further information about this incident on Harwood Street? Was it DPD or might it have been the Secret Service who wrestled this man to the ground?

Leads to an undercover SS man, Chuck Robertson, posing as a postal inspector, did not seem to pan out. And a Rita Rollins, who surfaced in 1967 to confabulate a story about Robertson to researcher Vince Salandria, turned out to be an FBI agent provocateur named Lulu Belle Holmes.

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