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C-2766 - a puzzle

Tom Hume

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“ICO” stands for “Igor, Case, Oswald”.

It appears to me that Richard Case Nagell was a master anagrammer and that many of the puzzle pranks that his ICO group pulled were taken from, and/or made reference to, anagrams of Richard's full name: “RICHARD CASE NAGELL”.

My reading of the ICO puzzles leads me to believe that Lee Oswald did order a rifle from Klein’s - he was told to by the Ferrie/Banister/Phillips/Hunt/Hoover cabal to create more patsy bona fides.

As with most of the setups designed to implicate Oswald, however, Richard Nagell added red flags to these assigned patsy-stunts, and embedded his anagram puzzles in them. The rifle that Oswald really did order from Klein’s, was not the rifle that was found at the TSBD on assassination day. I believe the rifle Oswald ordered, and the rifle that corresponded to all of Hoover’s carefully laid paper trail, ended up in Terre Haute, Indiana, conspicuously left in a hotel room three days after the assassination. ICO arranged for someone using the name “Harry L Power” to leave it for the local police to find. (TERRE HAUTE IND, HARRY L POWER” is an ICO puzzle).

I believe Richard Case Nagell located a rifle that was very similar to the Klein’s Carcano, and changed the serial number to the exact numbers he wanted. He did this for puzzle purposes, and I’ve identified and solved several ICO puzzles that were designed to puzzle out to “C-2766”. ICO's name for this fake Carcano is "RINGER ROD", usually abbreviated "RR" in the puzzles. I will be posting these "RR C-2766" puzzles on this thread, and our first puzzle is obviously the reason Richard chose this specific serial number. It’s a naturally occurring puzzle opportunity inside “Richard Case Nagell’s” name:

This is a very easy puzzle, and since it involves some numbers, the Number/Letter translation device is at the bottom of the post. The letter “G” translates to the number “6”, and Richard Nagell is sending us on a “G" hunt, or more specifically, a "6" hunt.

“RICHARD CASE NAGELL” anagrams to:

"C-276..., RN SERIAL DEAL"

And “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” anagrams to:


And “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” anagrams to:


And, “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” anagrams to:

“A L SERIAL READ ‘C-276...’ N”

And “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” anagrams to:

“C-27...SERIAL END ALA ‘6’. R”

Our puzzle is in need of the 2nd ‘6’, and “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” anagrams to:

“2 ‘6’ REHEARSAL, DIAL ‘N’. C”

Dialing “N” on the telephone yields “6”, and with the “N” now removed and “6” in its place, the above re-anagrams to:


Our “G/6” hunt is now over and we won. Here’s another variation on how we found it. “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” anagrams to:

“C-276...SEALER: DIAL A ‘N’. R”

And once again, dialing an "N" on the telephone yields the number "6", and our final anagram answer is:

“SEE A L 'RR': "C-2766”

This was easier than a lot of ICO puzzles, and some of Richard’s other “C-2766” creations require more steps. Richard’s stunt had two purposes, to sabotage one of the key elements of Oswald’s frame, and to tell us about it.

Here is another pertinent anagram of “RICHARD CASE NAGEL”, now with the “N” put back in place:


I'm thinking that this anagram was Richard’s reason for removing the original sling from the Carcano and replacing it with a piece of rope for its backyard photo opportunity. Richard did this for us to notice and puzzle over. The Carcano with the rope sling was not the one found at the TSBD, Richard's creation, C-2766, was.


Number/Letter translation device:


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Richard Case Nagell walked into an El Paso bank on September 20th, 1963, and fired two shots into the wall. As he was being arrested he blurted out “Capitalistic Swine” for all to hear. Those 17 letters are an incredible ICO puzzle and I’ve posted about it several times. Many of Richard’s other activities that day had ICO puzzles embedded in them as well, and today’s puzzle concerns the money Richard had on him when he was arrested: “27 CENTS”. This is going to puzzle out to “C-2766”.

Right off, we can notice that the first three characters in this amount are also the first three characters in the serial number of the “ringer” Carcano that Richard arranged to have planted in the TSBD: “C-27...”.

Just like in the first post on this thread, Richard has us looking for a “6” or two, and this will be easy.

We will need to use the Letter/Number translation device at the bottom of the post, and translating the numbers to letters in “27 CENTS” yields, “CH CENTS”

This is only seven letters, and most of ICO’s short puzzles are designed to be doubled. Below is ICO’s “DT” cipher (“Double Talk”) and it normally works from the top down.



Doubling “CH CENTS” with the “DT” cipher yields: “CHCENTS + MRMOXDC” and this anagrams to:

“C-27...RCN SEX. DO ‘TM’”

I've talked about the word "DO" before, and it means to "DO" a decoding, and the only devised we have to "DO" less than 6 letters ins the "DT" cyber - we are being told to use the DT cipher on the letters “TM”. This yields “DW”, and our new puzzle part, “C-27..., RCN SEX. DW” re-anagrams to:

“Re: CN’S C-27.... D x W”

"Re: 'Case Nigell's' C-27...", and the rest is an arithmetic problem.“D x W” translates to “3 x 22 = 66”. Our final anagram answer is:

“Re: CN’S C-2766”

And this re-anagrams to:

"RCN'S 'E' C-2766"

Those that have been following know that "E" is the puzzle designation for "E" Hoover's assassination.

That was the quick and easy answer, and it only required two of ICO’s four decoding tools. The two that we used, the Letter/Number translator and the “DT” cipher, are Cub Scout level decoding devices. One of the two remaining tools, the “Onion” (footnote #2), is also kid stuff, but the fourth tool, ICO’s 6-bit binary code method (#3) is a little more tricky, and I have been trying to stay away from using it in my posts because I think it scares people away. Decoding with ICO’s binary code, however, is the way we check our answers, and “Re: CN’S C-2766” decodes and anagrams to (#1):

“C-2766 NIX MR E”

And I assume “MR E” is “EDGAR”.


Number/Letter translation device:


Footnote #1: Decode “Re: CN’S C-2766”

RECNSC = 100100, and, 011011, plus tags CHGG

Yield: “MCHGG

GGHCCS = 001000, and, 110111, plus tags NCER


Footnote #2: The Onion

The “ONION” is discussed in post #11 on The Oswald Code thread:


The “ONION” is used to reduce the size of a piece of discourse by removing all of the duplicate letters. “ONION”, for example, would become “ONI”. Puzzles often tell one to use it, but usually the need for its use will be obvious.

Footnote #3: Instructions for ICO’s 6-bit binary code method are in post #5 of The Oswald Code thread linked above. The BCD can certainly be done with pencil and paper (or in your head if you’re wired up that way), but I have a simple program that runs on MS Excel that I will try to send to anyone interested.

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According to my reading of the ICO puzzles, “Igor Vladimirs Vaganov” was a made up name, possibly created by Igor and Lee’s mentor, Richard Case Nagell. Again according to my reading of the puzzles, Richard also created a “Ringer Rod” Carcano, SN C-2766. The real Klein’s Carcano, which had the paper trail Hoover was depending on, was switched by one of the ICO crew on assassination day. My belief is that Hoover’s bona fide Klein’s Carcano was conspicuously planted in a Terre Haute, Indiana hotel room by an ICO associate using the name Harry L Power. This was one of many ICO stunts designed to both sabotage Hoover’s frame-up of Oswald, and to shed light on the real culprits.

But this thread is attempting to point out ICO puzzles that puzzle out to “C-2766”, and here is “Igor Vladimirs Vaganov’s supposed Social Security Number:

“SSN 567-96-2258”

We will need to translate a few numbers to letters, and here’s the key:


By preserving only the numbers “2766” and translating the other numbers to letters, the obvious anagram appears to be:

“J SNIFFS C-2766”

And “J”, I would guess, is J Edgar Hoover “sniffing” the rusty barrel of C-2766 while trying to figure out how things got so botched up.

Using ICO’s 6-bit binary code, “J SNIFFS C-2766” turns into a larger puzzle, but since many are not interested in this sort of thing, I’ll do the decoding in a footnote below.


Footnote #1, decoding “J SNIFFS C-2766:

JSNIFF SCCHGG = 101011 000100, and, 010100 111011


GGHCCS FFINSJ = 001000 110101, and, 110111 001010

Yield: IXV. Total yield: DSENTEIXV

“J SNIFFS C-2766" decodes and anagrams to:

“IV EX-SN: DT ‘E’”

To find Igor Vaganov’s ex-serial number, we are being told to use ICO’s “DT” cipher on the letter “E”.



“E” deciphers to the letter “O”, and the resulting puzzle part, “IV EX-SN: ‘O’” appears to be suggesting that Igor’s SN and Oswald’s SN were at one time identical. Harvey and Lee?

“IV EX-SN: O” then re-anagrams to a small arithmetic problem:

IV, O, N. E x S”, which translates to, “IV, O, N, 4 x 18”, and 4 x 18 = 72. Since the numbers “72” translate to “HC”, our final anagram becomes:

“IV, HO, CN”

Or, the members of “ICO” in longhand: Igor Vaganov, Harvey Oswald, Case Nagell.

We are finished with this puzzle, but while we have the "DT" cipher handy, we can use it on "A HIDELL", the name ICO used to order a rifle; the serial number of this rifle is unknown, I believe, at least by you and me.

"A HIDELL" applied to the "DT" cipher equals, "AHIDELL + KRSNOVV", and this anagrams to:


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In my last post, I hypothesized that the name “Igor Vladimirs Vaganov” was the creation of a master anagrammer, Richard Case Nagell. In post #54 on the Igor Vaganov thread, we looked at an impressive anagram of “IGOR VLADIMIRS VAGANOV”:


And we also saw that our anagram, “R’S VIVID ANAGRAM LOGO: IV”, decoded to meaningful and pertinent information.

Returning now to the last post on this thread, I submitted that Igor Vladimirs Vaganov’s equally bogus Social Security number, “SSN 567-96-2258, easily puzzled out to “J SNIFFS C-2766”. To accomplish this, we merely needed to translate five of the numbers in his SSN to their letter-value using the universal device below.


And we also saw that “J SNIFFS C-2766” decoded to meaningful and pertinent information, with one puzzle answer appearing to suggest that at one time, Vaganov and Oswald’s SSN were the same. I regard the letter “J” in this puzzle answer as standing for “J Hoover”, and according my reading of the ICO puzzles, Richard Nagell also created C-2766 as a “ringer” to be substituted on assassination day for the Klein’s Carcano that matched Hoover’s pre-arranged paper trail.

Since Richard Case Nagell apparently went to the trouble of building his ICO puzzles into both Vaganov’s name and his Social Security Number, it seems reasonable to suspect that Vaganov’s bogus SS Number might interact in some meaningful way with Oswald’s real SS Number. Lee Harvey Oswald’s number is, “SSN 433-54-3937”, and we are going to add Oswald and Vaganov’s SSNs together:

SSN 567962258

+ SSN 433543937

Before we do our math we need to translate the six letters to their respective numbers:


+ 181813433543937

= 363627001506195

Next, we need to add spaces between the answer numbers, insuring that each of the numbers is between zero and twenty-five (study the Letter/Number translation device above to see why this is necessary).


+ 181813433543937

= 3, 6, 3, 6, 2, 7, 0, 0, 15, 0, 6, 19, 5.

For clarity, I will now put brackets around the numbers we are interested in:

3 [6] 3 [6] [2] [7] 0 0 15 0 6 19 5

And next, I’ll translate the remaining numbers to letters”

D [6] D [6] [2] [7] A A P A G T F

The above letters and numbers anagram to:

“...2766 GAP. ADD FAT.

We have a “GAP”, in that we are missing the letter “C” at the beginning of the Carcano serial number, “C-2766”. Our answer also contains at least part of the solution to finding this “C”: “ADD 'FAT'”. We have been given an addition problem, and translating the letters in “FAT” to numbers, yields, “5, 0, 19”. These "ADD" up to “24”. We are looking for a “C”, and “C” translates to the number “2”. We potentially have our “2” in the number “24”, but it would be too much of a stretch for me to split that number unless there was an instruction to do so - and there is. Here’s the anagram that results from ADDing the letters in "FAT":

“...2766. GAP 24”

Like “gapping” a spark plug, we will “GAP 24” so it looks like this: “GAP 2 4”. In good conscience we can now translate “2” and “4” to “C” and “E”, and make our final anagram:

“GAPE: ‘C-2766’”

This will have to be the end of this puzzle for now, at least for me, because this swell-looking anagram turns into a very lengthy puzzle. Feel free to take over any of the puzzles I present, and please improve on the work I’ve done. Occasionally I need to add that it’s not my goal to solve all of the ICO puzzles. I’m not capable of that. My goal is to show that there is, in fact, an impressive ICO puzzle-system, and if I’m successful at this, “real” puzzle solvers will start solving Nagell's explanatory creations.


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If I asked the members of this forum to name the first Italian song that came to mind, and then the first serial number of an Italian rifle that came to mind, I imagine the most common answer would be, “O sole mio”, and “C-2766”.

While it may not be immediately obvious, “C-2766” plays the signature theme of “O sole mio”, and, I submit, this is no accident.

To realize the song, or to "hear" the song, we need to know one piece of information about musical scales, and we need to translate the numbers in "C-2766" to letters. Below is is the number/letter translation devise.


“C-2766” translates to “CCHGG”.

Now that I’ve suggested that “CCHGG” might be a song, I imagine that most of the German and many of the Scandinavian members of the forum will recognize the tune immediately. All of the Music Majors, world wide, should recognize this collection of notes as well. And how about you jazz fans - you know about the Modern Jazz Quartet’s classic song, “Blues in ‘H’”, right?

But if you're new to this "H-note" business, here's some help: The most common method today for naming the 12 notes of the musical scale is, “A B C D E F G” for the white notes on the piano, and the five black notes in between called either sharps or flats, depending on what key you’re in.

However, there was a time in most of Europe when a slightly different system for naming notes was used, and it’s still in use today in Germany and several other countries. For lack of a better term, I’m going to call this system the “Bach” system because it’s well known that J. S. Bach occasionally wove his name, the musical phrase “B A C H”, into his genius contrapuntal creations.

The only difference between the Bach note-names and the one most commonly used today, involve the notes “Bb” and “B”. In the Bach system, “Bb” is called “B”, and “B” is called “H” - everything else is the same.

My degrees are in Music Theory and Composition, and I’m not going to give you a music lesson, but there are a couple of terms I want you to know. “O sole mio”, as played by the Carcano serial number, is in the key of “C”, but regardless of what key a song is in, each of the seven notes of any scale has a general name. The first note of any scale is called the “Tonic”, and the seventh note is called the “Leading Tone”. The “Leading Tone” is a half-step below the “Tonic”, and most often “leads” to the “Tonic” - hence its name, “Leading Tone”. The “Leading Tone” in “O sole mio” is “H”, and the “Tonic” is “C”.

While keeping the term “Leading Tone” in mind, recall from my other posts that, from my reading of the "ICO" (footnote) puzzles, Richard Case Nagell fabricated/modified C-2766. The one A Hidell ordered from Klien's, the Carcano with the paper trail Hoover was counting on, a Carcano with an entirely different serial number, was not the Carcano found at the TSBD. Richard Nagell’s “Ringer Rod”, C-2766, was. It was switched by one of the ICO crew prior to the assassination. “Ringer Rod” appears to be ICO’s term for “C-2766”, and is usually abbreviated “RR” in the puzzles.

Consider this anagram of “CURTAIN RODS”:


Keeping in mind that “H” is the “leading tone” in the key of “C”, consider this anagram of “RICHARD CASE NAGELL”:


I bring all of this up because the Bach system of note-naming is a small but important part of ICO’s larger labyrinth of inter-connected information-packed puzzles, some using the piano keyboard (“Historic Diary” anagrams to “RICHARD’S ’88’ TOY”).

J.S. Bach was a genius puzzle maker and musical notes were his medium. Bach fugues are giant musical puzzles, and he also penned a number canon themes which are known as “Bach’s Puzzle Canons”. I don’t think this term was lost on Richard Nagell, and I’d originally considered naming this thread, “Richard’s ‘Cannon’ Puzzles” - Richard's "Cannon", of course, being C-2766.

"C-2766", "CCHGG", "O Sole Mio", "It's Now or Never" - there's more to come.


Footnote: "ICO" stands for "Igor", "Case", Oswald"."

(If you U.S. non-music majors can’t tolerate the “H”, just play CCBGG on whatever instrument you have around the house, or maybe you could program it into your iPhone)

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A few weeks ago in post #3 at the link below, Jim Hargrove posted a DPD report, which I can't seem to paste up at the moment.


Among other things, Jim said:

“According to the DPD report, Harvey had on his person two torn in half dollar bills when he was arrested. No doubt these halved bills were supposed to be used to find his "contact," who would hold one or two of the matching halves. At least that's probably what the poor schmuck was told. I don't think Harvey had any idea he was being set up for either murder as he walked into the theater. He was just following orders and playing more spy games, as he had for years.”

I’ll offer an alternative possibility - I’m going to suggest that Lee Oswald (Harvey, if you wish) knew exactly what was going on, and that the halved bills were a typical and carefully-crafted enigmatic ICO puzzle.

Here are the serial numbers of the two torn-in-half dollar bills:

“F 38355215 A”

“F 35031413 A”

Since the bills were torn in half, the first thing that might occur to a puzzle solver is to add the two numbers together.

We have a choice. We can translate the beginning and ending pair of “F-As” to numbers and include them in our addition process, or handle them as a separate problem? It turns out that for our purposes, it makes no difference, and for clarity, I’m going to do the two arithmetic problems separately. First the numbers:


+ 35031413

= 73386628

A quick look at our answer reveals four of the five characters in the Carcano serial number, and I will anagram the whole eight-character answer:

“2766. 88-33”

Those that have been following my posts will recognize the meaning of the second set of characters, “88-33”, as a common kind of puzzle ending. We are being sent to one of the “88” puzzles in Oswald’s Historic Diary for more information, and we’re being sent to “88-33”, which is (the complete list of the “88” Historic Diary puzzles are linked in footnote #1):


Wow! "They make notes!" But then again, we already suspected this from yesterday’s post. The Italian rifle’s serial number that Richard Case Nagell fabricated, his “Ringer Rod” that would be switched on assassination day for Hoover’s patsy rod, is the sheet music for “O Sole Mio”. “They make notes” - “C-2766” = “CCHGG” = “O Sole Mio”.

The serial number of the most famous rifle in the world, is also the sheet music for the most famous Italian song in the world?

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We’re missing the letter “C” to complete “C-2766”, so let’s try adding up our four letters, “FA”, and “FA”, and see if that helps. First we need to translate the “Fs” to “5s”, and the “As” to “zeros”, and then add: (There is actually an instruction contained in the puzzle itself that tells us to add up the two “Fs” and “As”, but to simplify the flow, I’ll explain this in Footnote #3)



+ 50

= 100

We can now include this "100" in our first answer:

“2766. 88-33. 100”

Contemplate the number “100” for a moment, but if it’s still not clear where our needed letter “C” is, let’s translate the “88-33” to the letters “II”, and “DD”, and make this new anagram:

“ID 2766, ID 100”

I’m going to make the logical leap that we’ve got permission to change “100” to its synonym, “C”.

If we’re not convinced, let’s anagram “THEY MAKE NOTES” and see if that strengthens the argument:


On the “88” notes of the piano, key number “4” is “C”.

This puzzle might have been penned by Richard Case Nagell, because another anagram of “THEY MAKE NOTES” is:

“THAT No. ‘4’ KEY’S ME”

No. 4 key on the piano is “C”, which in this instance, appears to stand for “Case”

Our final answer, “C-2766, 88-33” can also re-anagram to:

“C DID ‘27...’ GIG”

This ICO puzzle had us looking for a “C” to complete the Carcano serial number. In the first post on this thread, Richard Case Nagell had us looking for a “6”. “Richard Case Nagell” anagrams to:

(1) “C-276..., RN SERIAL DEAL”


(3) “R DANGLE A SERIAL C-27...”

(4) “A L SERIAL READ ‘C-276... N”

(5) “C-27... SERIAL END ALA ‘6’. R”

Finally, we get closure when we find this anagram of “Richard Case Nagell”:

“C-276...CLOSURE: DIAL A ‘N’. R”

When we “dial a ‘N’ on the telephone, we get our ‘6’, and we can re-anagram our final answer to:

“C-2766 CLOSURE. R” (puzzle instructions, such as “DIAL A ‘N’”, are typically dropped).

You can read the other posts on this thread yourself, but the point is that Richard and his "ICO" (#2) crew created a bunch of enigmas and bathed them in decodable anagram puzzles that could tell the ICO story in the event their efforts to prevent the assassination failed.

What Richard was doing with his serial number schtick, was not so much giving us assassination information, but telling us that ICO was serious, that it had crafted a ton of "HOT-DAMN PUZZLES" for you and me to behold and ponder - works of genius, in my view.

Many of these enigmatic ICO puzzle/stunts were drawn from anagrams of three names:

(1) Richard Case Nagell

(2) Lee Harvey Oswald

(3) Igor Vladimirs Vaganv

One of the things that has kept the assassination debate alive all these years is the abundance of strange events. It appears to me that many of these events, at least in part, were staged for our benefit. While the ICO puzzles have little to say about Lee Harvey Oswald’s childhood (as far as I can tell so far), I think the “Harvey and Lee” folks have it backwards in one key area: Harvey and Lee were on the same side. Lee was helping create enigmatic paradoxes for us to ponder - the guy that posed as Lee also went by the name of Igor V Vaganov, an identity that appears to be the creation of Richard Case Nagell. In a very real sense, in my view, Richard was the "Wizard of Oz".

Good find on the half-bill serial number report, Jim. This was all new to me.


Footnote #1 - Post #14 contains a list of the 88 puzzles located in Lee Oswald’s Historic Diary:


Footnote #2 - "ICO" stands for "Igor", "Case", "Oswald".

Footnote #3 - adding the “Fs” and “As”.

Below is the number/letter key and the two serial numbers. We can convert the numbers to letters and analyze the two numbers separately to see what they might yield.


“F 38355215 A” = FDIDFFVFA

“F 35031413 A” = FDFADONA

The first set of letters is of very little help. The only reasonable anagram appears to be:

“ADD: FIFFVF”, which translates to, “ADD: 5, 8, 5, 5, 21, 5. And the answer is “49”, which translates and anagrams to “JE”, a couple of Hoover’s initials - like I said, “very little help”.

The second serial number is instructive, and the anagram of “FDFADONA” is:

“DON 3: FA, FA”

“DON” as in “Donning a jacket”, and we are supposed to “DON 3” things, and we have four things, “FA, FA”, but once we translate the letters to “50, 50,” and add them together, we indeed do have "3": “100”, which for puzzle purposes can be replaced by a "C".

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I’ve found two more interesting anagrams of “IGOR VLADIMIRS VAGANOV”. In one simple step, the second anagram will puzzle out to the serial number of the Italian Carcano, “C-2766”.

In many of my posts over the past few months, I’ve stated my opinion that the name “IGOR VLADIMIRS VAGANOV” was a puzzle fabrication of Richard Case Nagell, and that Richard also fabricated/modified the Carcano, “C-2766”, a “Ringer” to be substituted on assassination day for the Klein’s rifle matching Hoover’s carefully laid paper-trail.



And “IGOR VLADIMIRS VAGANOV” also anagrams to:


When we dial “A ROMA” on the telephone as instructed by the puzzle, we are dialing the numbers, “2766 2”, and the last digit, “2”, translates to the letter “C” (the number/letter translation chart is in the footnote). Our final anagram, then, becomes:

“IRVING’S C-2766. VV”

Arrivederci Roma,


Footnote - letter/number translation device


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Shortly before the assassination, someone posing as Lee Oswald brought a Carcano rifle to Dial Ryder at the Irving Sports Shop to have a scope mounted and bore sighted. Shortly after the assassination, someone appears to have been energetically tipping off both the media and the police that this incident happened.

Dial Ryder supposedly had no memory of the event, and the alleged undated repair tag did not indicate the make of rifle or serial number - just Oswald’s name, and the cost of labor: $4.50.

“ICO” stands for “Igor”, “Case”, and, “Oswald”, and according to my reading of the ICO puzzles, Richard Case Nagell created/fabricated a Carcano “Ringer Rod”, usually abbreviated “RR” in the puzzles, which bore the serial number “C-2766”. Richard did this so that the “RR” could be swapped on November 22nd for the Klein’s Carcano with Hoover’s bona fide paper trail.

If Richard Nagell and/or Igor Vaganov designed this stunt, it would have been for our benefit. They would have done their homework, and they would have chosen an establishment with pertinent ICO puzzles for us to find. Without a proper repair tag, we are left with two puzzle possibilities:



“IRVING SPORTS SHOP” anagrams to:


But today we will be dealing with “DIAL RYDER”, and while it’s not a difficult puzzle, it does have a number of steps. I’ll try to be brief, so hang in there.

The first anagram of “DIAL RYDER” is going to tell us where we will find the bulk of our puzzle:


The “I/R” is “Igor” and “Richard”, and as I’ve discussed in other posts, Oswald’s Historic Diary contains “88” puzzles, “44” created by Richard, and “44” by Igor. The next anagram of “DIAL RYDER” is:

“‘RR’ DEAL. ID ‘Y’”

We are being directed to “ID” the letter “Y”, and we do this with the “DT” cypher below (it works from the top down):



The letter “Y” decodes to “I”, and our anagram becomes:

“I, 'RR’ DEAL”

And everything so far appears to indicate that “Igor” was the Oswald impersonator at Dial Ryder’s shop. The next anagram of “DIAL RYDER” is:

“Re: DIAL ‘R D Y’”

When we “DIAL” the letters “R D Y” on the telephone, we are dialing the numbers, “7 3 9”, and when we translate the first two numbers to letters, it should look familiar to many of you (the number/letter translation device is in the footnote):


Since we loose the instruction “DIAL”, our complete answer is:

“Re: HD-9”

“HD” stands for “Historic Diary”, and we are being sent there to check out puzzle number “9”. The complete list of “88” Historic Diary puzzles is in post #14 at the link below:


Puzzle “HD-9” is:


This is the first puzzle on page #2 of the Diary, and if we didn’t know any better, we’d think that “CON.” was of little importance, merely an abbreviation of “continued”, the second page of discourse being continued from the first. We will need to increase the letter content of this “CON.”, but there are a couple of tips in those three letters we should look at. First, this one:

“No. C”

We might suspect that since “C” is the first character of the Carcano serial “number”, that this is what the puzzle will be about.

Thankfully, ICO puzzles often tell us how many letters the actual puzzle will contain. “CON.” anagrams to:

“14. CN”

"CN" stands for "Case Nagell", and for this puzzle to work, it actually needs to be 14-letters long, and there is only one way to get them. I am going save you several pages of dead-ends that are interesting from a puzzle solver’s point of view (these dead ends “talk” us through our various possibilities), but we are going to cut to the chase by noticing that “CON.” is the abbreviation of “CONTINUED”. We are going to pump these 9-letters to 14 with the “DT” cypher, but first let’s look at couple of anagrams of “CONTINUED:


Here’s another that’s more to the point:

“DT: CUE IN 14. N”

Now for the anagram that will get us our 14 letters:




We are using the “DT” cypher on “NICE UNO”, which ends up looking like this:


And the 14 letters above anagram to:

“EYE 14 MUSIC: 13 X 13 X 14.”

We have ourselves an arithmetic problem, “13 x 13 x 14”, and this equals, “2366”. In the “66”, we have two of the five characters we need for the Carcano serial number, but for the time being, I’m going to translate those numbers to their respective letters, “X G G”, and make this anagram:

“YO, MC GIGUE: 4 X 18”

“4 X 18” is “72”, and now we can make our final anagram:

“E, IOU MY C-2766”

“E” is ICO’s puzzle designation for the assassination, and it also stands for “Edgar”.

Lots of musical references in this puzzle: "Gigue", "Tune", "Music". You might recall from another post that "C-2766" translates to these letters: "CCHGG". And if you are familiar with J. S. Bach's system of naming notes, a system still in use today in many parts of Europe, "CCHGG" are the theme-notes of "O SOLE MIO" (#2). The most famous Italian rifle in the world plays the most famous Italian song in the world. Richard Case Nagell made that happen - but his plan to prevent the assassination failed.


Footnote #1: Letter/Number translation key:


Footnote #2:

The only difference between the most common system for naming notes and the one prevalent in Germany and some other Northern European countries is the names for "B" and B-flat". What we in the U.S. think of as "B-flat" is called "B" in the German "Bach" system, and our "B-natural" is called "H" in Germany. "CCHGG" in Germany is equivalent to "CCBGG" in most of the rest of the world.

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Yesterday’s “C-2766” puzzle was a little long and tedious for my taste, today’s will be short and sweet.

“ICO” stands for “Igor”, “Case”, and, “Oswald”

In puzzle form, ICO inserted the Carcano serial number, “C-2766”, in many places for us to find. Today’s puzzle is not only ubiquitous in the literature, it is as simple to solve as any I’ve seen. Most of the “Fair Play for Cuba” flyers have the following line stamped in the space provided:


Since the 12 letters above are going to puzzle out to some numbers, “C-2766”, we will need the Number/Letter translation device below, and this is the only tool we will need:


Translating a couple letters to numbers, “F.P.C.C. A J HIDELL” anagrams to:

“C-27... DEAL. J FLIP”

“J” in this instance would stand for “J Hoover”, and since “J” translates to the number “9”, we could make this anagram:

“C-27... FLIP ‘9’ DEAL”

It’s apparent that when we “FLIP” the “9” it turns into one of the two “6”s needed to fill the gap in serial number, “C-2766”. With the “9” flipped, the puzzle part looks like this:

“C-27... FLIP ‘6’ DEAL”

And since the number “6” translates to the letter “G”, for information purposes only, we could temporarily make this anagram:

“C-27... FILL DE GAP”

Getting back to, “C-27... FLIP ‘6’ DEAL”, this re-anagrams to:

“6 FLIP, 3 EACH. C/L”

“C/L are “Case” and “Lee”, and our new anagram temporarily looks like this:

“666 FLIP, 3 EACH. C/L”

And finally, the above anagrams to:

“C-2766, GAP FILLED”

And that finishes the puzzle. As a point of interest, we could do a little work on this final answer and come full circle vis-a-vis our first anagram of this post:

“C-2766, GAP FILLED” re-anagrams:

“C-2766 FLIP '6' DEAL” equals:

“C-2766 FLIP '9' DEAL” re-anagrams:

“C-2766 DEAL, ‘J‘ FLIP”

And that appears to have been Richard Case Nagell’s goal; to screw up J Edgar Hoover’s frame of Oswald by having one of Richard’s ICO crew substitute his creation on assassination day - substitute C-2766, for Hoover’s bona fide Klien’s Carcano.


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  • 2 weeks later...

The series of Italian rifles commonly known as Mannlicher-Carcanos were invented in 1890 at the Turin Army Arsenal in Turin, Italy by a fellow named Salvatore Carcano.

Also, the town of Turin famously houses “The Shroud of Turin”. It’s easy to make a metaphorical connection between The Shroud of Turin and the shroud (“sack” or “sac”) that supposedly held C-2766, because Richard Case Nagell makes the metaphorical connection for us.

“CURTAIN RODS” anagrams to:


(The third word, "SAC", would have been more correct had it been spelled "SACK", and this apparent error is corrected in another anagram of "Curtain Rods" containing the term "[sIC]" in reference to the "SAC" spelling. The missing "K" will be the topic of my next post.)

The "TURIN" metaphor is apt in another way, as both The Shroud of Turin and C-2766 are fakes. According to my reading of the ICO puzzles, Richard Case Nagell created/modified the Carcano, C-2766, as a “Ringer Rod” (abbreviated “RR” in the puzzles) to be substituted on assassination day for the Klein’s rod associated with Hoover’s paper trail.

“CURTAIN RODS” also anagrams to:


And “CURTAIN RODS” is an ICO puzzle that puzzles out to “C-2766”. I will be offering my solution soon, but don’t be shy, see what you can come up with (Hint: “Curtain Rods” is 11 letters, and you will eventually need to add two or three letters to make a 13 or 14-letter puzzle. The number/letter translation device is below, as is the “DT” cypher).


"ICO" stands for "Igor", "Case", and, "Oswald".

Number/Letter translation device:


DT ("Double Talk") cypher:



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In yesterday’s post I pointed out that the Italian Carcano rifle, of which C-2766 is an example, was invented in Turin, Italy, the city that is also home to The Shroud of Turin. I also stated my opinion that not only are The Shroud of Turin and C-2766 associated with Turin, they are both fakes, the latter having been created by Richard Case Nagell.

RCN’s “Ringer Rod”, usually abbreviated “RR” in the puzzles, bares a serial number that easily puzzles out of Richard's full name, and he not only fabricated/modified a “RR” Carcano with this serial number, he created a bunch of his puzzles to tell us about what he’d done. Realizing his handiwork is the purpose of this thread.

Today’s post will be simple; Richard Case Nagell is merely going to tell us about the missing “K” in the word “SACK”.

“CURTAIN RODS” anagrams to:


“CURTAIN RODS” also anagrams to:

“OUR [sIC]: DT ‘A’. CN”

“CN”, of course, stands for “Case Nagell”, and in this puzzle clue we are being told to use the “DT” cypher on the letter “A” (the cypher works from the top down).



“The letter “A” decodes to “K”, and our new anagram is:

“OUR [sIC] ‘K’. CN”

And the above re-anagrams to:


Using “ICO’s” 6-bit binary code system, “CN’S ‘K’ CURIO” decodes and anagrams to (#2):

“C.R. '11' IS '13'. C”

Our “Curtain Rods” (“C.R.”) puzzle, in its original form, is “11” letters, but we are being told to grow it to “13” letters. Do some anagramming on “CURTAIN RODS” and you will find some anagrams that indicate the same thing - 13 letters. There are, however, a couple anagrams of "CURTAIN RODS" that hint at a 14-letter solution. This isn't really a contradiction, because there is more than one solution. (Tip: The letter "N" translates to the number "13", and "O" to "14" - see footnote #1).

“C.R. '11' IS '13'. C” decodes and anagram to (#3):

“ICO C-2....”

"ICO" stands for "Igor", "Case", and, "Oswald".

What we just solved was not the main puzzle of “CURTAIN RODS”, but a side puzzle, an informative “curio” to let us, the puzzle solvers, know that we are on track. This curio was not an anomaly, but the norm for ICO puzzles, and I guarantee this does not happen with random discourse (once in a blue moon - maybe).

Yet to come is the puzzling out of “CURTAIN RODS”, once we figure out what the two missing letters are (Hint: "K" is not one of them).


Footnote #1 - Letter/Number translation gizmo:


Footnote #2 - CN’S ‘K’ CURIO

CNSKCU = 010000, and, 101111, plus tags RIO

Yield: RIO

OIRUCK = 001000, and, 110111, plus tags SNC

Yield: SNCIX. Total yield: RIOSNCIX = CR 13 IS OXI = anagram: “C.R. 11 IS 13. C”

Footnote #3 - “C.R. 11 IS 13. C”

CRLISN = 011001, and, 100110, plus tag C

Yield: CIO

CNSILR = 010011, and, 101100, plus tag C

“Yield: CC. Total yield: CIOCC anagram: “ICO C-2....”

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(post moved from "Oswald's Raleigh call and the fingerprints of intelligence" thread)

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lee Oswald had a connection to either John Hurt, or to Raleigh NC, but quite aside from that, “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” is an intentionally created and informative puzzle.

First we can look at the puzzle maker’s name: “RICHARD CASE NAGELL”, which anagrams to:


And “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” also anagrams to:

“LEE’S ‘RR’ ‘C-276...’. DIAL ‘A N”

(we translated some letters to numbers using the device in the footnote)

“RR” stands for “Ringer Rod”, and when we “DIAL” the letters “A N” on the telephone, we are dialing the numbers “2 6”. In the process, we loose our instruction, “DIAL”, and we are left with this:

“LEE’S ‘RR’ ‘C-2766. C”

The "C" at the end stands for "Case", and now back to “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC”

From merely puzzling out the name, “JOHN HURT”, we are told to make a 17-letter puzzle - the explanation of this is a little long and drawn out and I’ll deal with it in another post. But here's an easy clue to the intended size of the "JOHN HURT" puzzle: Earlier, we saw that "Richard Case Nagell" anagrammed to “R’S DECAL: A RALEIGH NC”. The letter "R" translates to the number "17" and a slight rearrangement yields this anagram: "RALEIGH NC'S DECAL: A '17'". And this is a common method for ICO to reveal the size of one of their puzzles. Lee Oswald’s late-night actions in jail gave us this 17-letter puzzle:


There are several instructive 17-letter anagrams of this, and I will present three. “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” anagrams to:


“R” stands for “Richard”, “J.H.” stands for “J Hoover”, and if you are unfamiliar with the word “TURIN”, it was the place in Italy where the Carcano rifle was invented, and I’ve talked more about this in the previous two posts. Richard did "Change" J Hoover's "Turin", J Hoover's Carcano. Richard created/modified another Carcano and put his own personal serial number on what he called a "Ringer Rod", C-2766", a serial number that did not match Hoover's carefully laid paper trail.

“JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” anagrams to:


J Hoover’s “RR UNIT” is C-2766, and we are being told to “CHANGE” something in our “17”-letter puzzle.

“JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” anagrams to:


“JH” is “J Hoover”, “HLH” is “H L Hunt”, and once again we are being told to use the telephone on the letters, “OURNA”. This yields the number, “68762”. In the process, we loose the instruction, “RING”, and translating just the “8” to the letter “I”, we now make this anagram:

“C-2766, J.E.H. HIT. L.H.”

There are several puzzles inside “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” and this, I submit, was one of them. If you are willing to puzzle out what Richard Case Nagell and his "ICO" crew created for us to find, you just might understand at least half of the Kennedy assassination mysteries.

"ICO" stands for "Igor", "Case", and, "Oswald".


Footnote - Letter/Number translation device:


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This will be the easiest “C-2766” puzzle yet. Nearly all of my posts contain the following sentence:

“ICO” stands for “Igor”, “Case”, “Oswald”.

With a little effort put in to the “ICO” puzzles, it doesn't take long to single out and realize the importance of those three letters, “ICO”, and my posts include dozens of examples of its use. I’m sure there are well over a hundred that I haven’t posted, and here are three pieces of un-posted low-hanging fruit:


“HISTORIC DIARY” anagrams to “DAISY, ‘RR’, HIT. ICO”

“MICRO DOTS” anagrams to “ICO’S TM: ROD”

You might recall that "RR" stands for "Ringer Rod". The anagrams above are not necessarily the major topics of their respective puzzles.

Now for the easy ICO 14-letter “C-2766” puzzle. We will merely need to translate one letter, “G”, to its equivalent number, “6”, using the letter/number translation device at the bottom:

“IGOR, CASE, OSWALD” anagrams to:


With the “6” safely in “ESCROW”, we are being told to use the telephone to “DIAL” the letters, “ASO”. “ASO” dials to the numbers, “276”, and since we loose the instruction, “DIAL”, our anagram answer becomes:

"C-2766, WORSE"

According to my reading of the ICO puzzles, Richard Case Nagell fabricated a copy of the Carcano ordered from Klein's, the one that included paper-work implicating Oswald. Richard's "Ringer Rod", which was substituted on assassination day for the one Hoover was depending on, a Carcano with an entirely different serial number, "C-2766, was rendered incapable of hitting the broad side of a barn. I take the word "WORSE" as descriptive of this characteristic.

“C-2766, WORSE” decodes and anagrams to (#2):

“C-276...XEROX. 88-18”

We are being told that “C-276...” is a copy, and we are being sent to puzzle “88-18” in Oswald’s Historic Diary for more information. The complete list of “88” Diary puzzles is in post #14 at the link below.


Puzzle “88-18” is:

“(sick persons.)”

“SICK PERSONS” anagrams to:


As it turns out, “C-2766” can be puzzled out of Kennedy’s Social Security Number.

Here’s another anagram of Diary puzzle “88-18”, “SICK PERSONS”:

“i.e. R COPS K SSN”

Kennedy’s Social Security Number is, “026-22-3747”, and unless one of you, hopefully, beats me to the punch, I’ll be posting my solution of that number soon.

Now that we know about puzzle number "18" in Oswald's Historic Diary, let's take another look at our puzzle answer before we decoded it:

"C-2766, WORSE"

Since the number "18" translates to the letter "S", we can re-anagram the above answer to:

"C-2766 WORE '18'"

These guys were frigging geniuses!


Footnote - Letter/Number translation device:


Footnote #2 - decoding “C-2766, WORSE” (C-CHGG, WORSE)

CCHGGW = 001000, and, 110111, plus tags ORSE


ESROWG = 001000, and, 110111, plus tags GHCC

Yield: IXGHCC. Total yield: IXORSEIXGHCC

Edited by Tom Hume
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“ICO” stands for “Igor”, “Case”, “Oswald”, and my reading of the ICO puzzles indicates that Richard Case Nagell fabricated/modified a Carcano baring the serial number “C-2766”, and that one of his ICO crew pulled a switcheroo on assassination day; the rifle that was found at the TSBD, C-2766, was not the Carcano matching Hoover’s carefully laid paper trail.

This was done to throw a monkey wrench into Hoover’s frame of Oswald, and one need only look at John Armstrong’s and Jim Hargove’s fine work to see what a mess Richard made of that aspect of Lee Oswald’s patsy bona fides.

Richard’s ICO puzzles are salted with many smaller side puzzles that yield up this bogus serial number, and my last post ended with this final puzzle answer: “C-2766, WORSE”, which decoded and anagrammed to:

“C-276...XEROX. 88-18”

Here, we are being told that “C-276...” is a copy, and we are being sent to puzzle “88-18” in Oswald’s Historic Diary for more information. The complete list of “88” Diary puzzles is in post #14 at the link below.

http://educationforu...he oswald code"

Puzzle “88-18” is:

“(sick persons.)”

“SICK PERSONS” anagrams to:


As it turns out, “C-2766” can be puzzled out of Kennedy’s Social Security Number.

Here’s another anagram of Diary puzzle “88-18”, “SICK PERSONS”:

“i.e. R COPS K SSN”

Kennedy’s Social Security Number is, “026-22-3747”, and Richard Case Nagell obviously recognized a “C-2766” puzzle lingering in that SSN. Let’s see if we can puzzle it out the way Richard would have wanted. Here is Kennedy’s number spread out a bit:

“0 2 6 2 2 3 7 4 7”

Next, we will merely translate a few of the numbers to letters using the standard letter/number translation devise at the bottom:

“A C 6 C 2 3 7 E H”

Now we can make this anagram:

“C-27... ‘6’, 3 EACH”

The puzzle answer is telling us we get to have three “6”s instead of just one:

“C-27..., 666, 3 EACH”

Now by translating a couple of numbers and letters, we can make this anagram:

“C-2766 AGE, HD-2”

This is our final puzzle answer, and it appears to promise to reveal the age of “C-2766” if we go to puzzle number “2” in Oswald’s Historic Diary. The complete list of “88” diary puzzles is linked above, and puzzle #2 is:


Oswald’s Historic Diary makes heavy use of ICO’s “DT” cypher, and several puzzle answers spread around my posts point this out. “STUDET” is suggesting we could make this anagram:




Since “DT” is an instruction, we loose it, and are left with this:


From those eight letters we can make this anagram:

“23 OUST 44”

We came to this puzzle, “HD-2”, expecting to find the “AGE” of “C-2766”, and it looks like we have. A “23” year old rifle in 1963 would have been made in 1940. One of the ICO crew switched Richard’s 1940 C-2766 on assassination day for the Klein’s rod, which according to this puzzle answer was “ousted” and would have been 44 years old in 1963 - a 1919 Carcano, the year production ceased on one version of 6.5mm rifle.

I’m going to finish decoding the puzzle answer “23 OUST 44” in a footnote, but while we have the “DT” cypher handy, let’s apply it to “A HIDELL”, the name that would have aligned with Hoover’s intended Carcano paper trail (serial number unknown, at least by us).


And the 14 letters above anagram to:


"HO/VV" = “Harvey Oswald/Vladimirs Vaganov”

Two final anagrams that are slightly off topic, but I find interesting: “ALEK JAMES HIDELL” anagrams to:


And "ALEK JAMES HIDELL" anagrams to:




Footnote #1:

Our final answer above was “23 OUST 44”, and with ICO's 6-bit binary code method, this decodes and anagrams to (#2):

“A ’23’ E. I x E”

"23" is the age of the Carcano, and “E” is the puzzle term for the assassination. We are presented with a math problem, “I x E”, and translating the letters to numbers yields, “8 x 4” = “32”. Once we translate “32” back into letters, we can make this anagram:

“23 ACED”

It appears we "ACED" the age of Richard's ringer Carcano, "23", and decoding the above yields:


I think this means we got an “A” on this puzzle.

“Footnote #2 - “23 OUST 44”

CDOUST = 010001, and, 101110, plus tags EE

Yield: AEE

EETSUO = 001000, and, 110111, plus tags DC

Yield: CDIX Total Yield: AEECDIX math + anagram: “23 ACED”

Footnote #3 - “23 ACED” (CD ACED)

CDACED = 010001, and, 101110

Yield: A = 0

DECADC = 100010, and, 011101

Yield: K = 10. Total yield: “100”

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